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Rheinhart’s Sprouted grain bread from WGB

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Rheinhart’s Sprouted grain bread from WGB

I have been following Fresh Loaf site  for almost a year now and I am really in awe at the amount of knowledge you people seem to possess..

So finally I thought you may be able to help me out:

I have been baking the sprouted grain bread  and the Spelt variation posted by Karin and it is a success with everyone.

I would like to apply this to sprouted rye and am not very sure how to proceed.  If I use sprouted rye plus Rye starter (the recipe has very little flour apart the amount contained in the starter) would I run into trouble? Should I mix with spelt or wheat?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.',

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Lechem (not verified)

Would like to suggest something but not sure where to start after you say the recipe has very little flour apart from the amount contained in the starter. Not sure what to make of this.

Rye is very different to other flour. Without knowing enough about the recipe I suggest you can substitute 10-20% of the flour with rye and it'll be fine. You might have to alter the hydration a tad though.

Spelt and Rye go very well together.

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thank uou so much for getting back to me and please excuse the inexperience, I shoud have included the recipe..


175 g spelt kernels

350 g water



63 g whole wheat mother starter

191 g spelt flour

142 g water



283 g sprouted spelt kernels

all starter

57 g spelt flour

14 g vital wheat gluten, (optional)

8 g salt

7 g instant yeast

21 g honey

14 g butter, melted, or vegetable oil

⅛ - ¼ tsp. coriander, ground, (optional)

57 g water ,

Mix all together and knead 5 min. Overnight fridge retardation. Shape, proof and bake at 175 C next day.  Gives a very light sandwich bread with lots of flavour.

If I switch to all rye I suppose that would be too much?.