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First loaf

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First loaf


I've just tried making my first loaf with just flour, salt and water. The starter is only about a week old and rye based. I am using a bread machine and want to stick with it. 

Any feedback much appreciated. It didn't rise nearly as evenly and much as I kind of hoped. But I think the texture looks good. I'm not sure what caused the air pocket in the top though.

Many thanks,


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Lechem (not verified)

A week old starter and in a bread machine to-boot. What was your formula? 

My friend has a bread machine and we worked out a formula for a great sourdough loaf. The formula is simple... The flour within the starter/levain should be 30% (using bakers maths) and the French bread setting seems to be the best. So let's take a simple recipe...

  • 400g bread flour (100%)
  • 218g water
  • 8g salt
  • 240g bread flour levain at 100% hydration (120g flour + 120g water = 30% flour)

Night before build the Levain. In the bread pan (don't forget to include the paddle) mix together:

20g starter + 110g water + 110g bread flour. Leave overnight for 12-14 hours. Once mature and bubbly then proceed onto the final recipe. 

To the levain add 218g water and mix till fully distributed. 

In a bowl mix together the 400g bread flour + 8g salt then sprinkle it over the levain/water mix. 

Close the lid and choose the French bread cycle. 


The only questions I have is what machine do you have? In the instructions is the liquid normally added in first and then the flour? Do you have a French bread setting? 

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That airpocket at the top is usually corrected by better shaping but being it was in a machine, I'm not sure how that can be corrected.

Overall, your loaf looks really good and I'm impressed with your starter's performance at a week old. How did it taste?

Keep going!