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Crumb problem in sandwich loaf - SWIRLS....!

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Crumb problem in sandwich loaf - SWIRLS....!

Hello Everyone

I'm new to bread making and attempted my very first loaf the other day! It was edible, seemingly cooked all the way through (internal bread temp reached was 200°F), but far from being a great loaf.

I wonder if I could please ask for help and guidance from you good people that may well have experienced the same and gone on to find a solution?

The attached photo shows the 'swirls' inside my sandwich loaf that I'd like to get rid of. It was a simple formula that I used for my first attempt:

500g bread flour, 10g fresh yeast, 10g salt, 300ml water. Baked at about 430°F. 

Could it be my awful attempt at moulding perhaps...or something else?

All help gratefully received!

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Lechem (not verified)

How did you shape the loaf? 

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Hi Lechem

Many thanks for your reply. 

I emptied my risen dough out into a lightly floured surface, then de-gassed. I then rolled it up into a sausage and placed it in the tin.

I tried to keep some tension during rolling. 

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Mini Oven

Looks like flour.  

Try something else like no flour at all

or less than half teaspoon oil on hands then spread onto bench

and/or lightly misting the bench with water before dropping the dough onto it.

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Ahhh...that’s great advice, many thanks Mini Oven!

I’ll try this out at the weekend!