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Help with Pumpkin Bread

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Help with Pumpkin Bread

Hey everyone, I've been making pumpkin bread and I am substituting unsweetened applesauce and honey/maple syrup.  However, my bread is a bit too dry because of eliminating all of the sugar. What can i add that will absorb moisture and keep my pumpkin bread nice and moist without adding too many carbs and sugar?

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All moisture, zero carbs/sugars. 

By using applesauce and honey or maple syrup, you are still adding nearly as much sugar as you had previously.  Honey, for instance, is 80-85% sugar, the remainder being mostly water.  Maple syrup isn't quite as concentrated but contains more sugar than any other constituent. 

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Oh ok. So I might just be over cooking it. I actually removed water from the recipe because the batter was more on the runny side. 

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Truth Serum

what about eggs I was at the farmers market and tasted some pumpkin bread that looked orange and tasted like challah and the ingredients list was similar to challah


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Lazy Loafer

Try whole or ground flax seeds (linseeds) soaked in water until the mixture is gooey. You can use the seeds or just the mucilaginous water that results from soaking a bit of seed in the water. Chia seeds will work too.