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Hello Hello from California

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Hello Hello from California

Hey everyone! 

So excited to have joined this forum and I'm so looking forward to interacting with everyone and learning more about home bread making! 

I am a first semester culinary student, and the first half of the semester was spent on breakfast pastries, plated desserts, cookies, and *DUN DUN dundun DAHH* bread! I totally fell in love with the bread-making process, and I mean, once you start eating fresh bread everyday you you NEED it! 

Baking at school was awesome because of all of the equipment (bread oven with a steamer, proofer, super knowledgeable instructor) however, I'm having trouble translating it to home baking. 

My main focus is learning how to make the perfect sourdough at home. I am lucky enough to live in San Francisco, and scored some of our schools 100 year old starter! 

I have a pizza stone, a KitchenAid, a proofing basket, and some razors! 

Any suggestions, sourdough recipes, and new friends are sooo wanted! 


Have a great weekend, and happy baking! 

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Lechem (not verified)

You've found a great site. Loads of very friendly and knowledgeable bakers always willing to help and share. 

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Welcome from down the coast!  This is a great site, and I have more recipes bookmarked than it's possible to bake.  Everyone is so helpful.  You have nearby access to Giusto's flour without paying shipping. 

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Hello everyone, I'm fairly new to baking and am having good results in making bread and rolls. At the moment I'm trying to get a good flavour in an everyday plain white roll. Is there a way of doing this without adding seeds etc.