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Definition of artisan bread flour

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Definition of artisan bread flour

What is the best definition of artisan bread flour? Will it be unbleached or additive free?

We always refer this kind of flour to be suitable for low leaven and long ferment for artisan baking; what is the main criteria we looking at?

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Lechem (not verified)

But I think we can all agree on "high quality flour".

Might mean different things to different people but I'd accept unbleached and additive free to be part of the criteria. One also has to take into account what bread they're aiming for when it comes to things like crust and crumb. So many bakers prefer a bread flour but not too strong because they're aiming for a softer crumb.

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If you produce an artisan loaf with gold medal (alfanso) then does it really matter - theres a guy online whos a great ukulele player and strums a tune on a 1,000 dollar uke followed by a 25 dollar junker. His conclusion - its the player that matters !

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There is no legal or even accepted definition of artisan flour.  I can buy a bag of generic Walmart flour and call it artisan if I want to.

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Mini Oven

Baker would be Artisan flour.