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no book about Ankarsrum?

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no book about Ankarsrum?

Lots of Google and Amazon searching failed to turn up a current or old book on using the Ankarskrum. I didn't try non-USA Amazon websites, but I'd be surprised if there's never been one in any language.

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I would do a you-tube search, there are tons of videos on using the Ankarsrum. I don't know of any books though, unless you're looking for the owners manual which can be found here:

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I am not aware of any book focused on just that mixer, though the few cookbooks I have seen on a particular small appliance were pretty disappointing .   As law and loaf says, there are plenty of videos on youtube and if you have a question, ask here, someone should be able to help. 

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It occurs to me that if customers need a third party book to figure out how to use it, maybe it is not the right mixer to own.

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Rose's "The Bread  Bible" includes some tips on using the machine, but refers to it as "Magic Mill".