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Pain de Campagne with unfed Levain

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Pain de Campagne with unfed Levain

Like Bread1965, I have been collecting the left over levain from my bakes because I just couldn’t justify throwing out perfectly good starter. I didn’t feel like making waffles or pancakes and I had done a bit of research on using Starter in bread dough without refreshing it. I also took a peek at FWSY for how much yeast to use in a hybrid dough. So armed with that info, I came up with a recipe.

Then in the middle of it, I read Bread1965’s post and had a mild heart attack when he said he threw his batch out because it was overly sour. I did taste the raw dough to make sure it wasn’t too sour. It actually had a very mild tang. I wonder if this was because I tend to use my Levain as soon as it tripled which it does in 3-4 hours. So the leftover Levain is still very young. 

Anyhow, it all turned out just fine. And it tastes more than fine too. We had some for dinner. Here is the recipe:

1. Autolyse 600 g unbleached flour, 302 g multigrain flour, 50 g ground flax with 600 g water. Let sit for an hour. 

2. Add 410 g unfed levain at 80% hydration, 30 g yogourt, 1/2 tsp yeast and 22 g salt. Mix well using pinch and fold. 

3. Ferment doing 4 sets of folds every half hour and then let rise till double. 

4. Divide into 3 small loaves, preshape, rest 15 minutes, shape tightly and place into bannetons. Cover bannetons and out to proof in the fridge for 12-14 hours. 

5. Preheat oven to 475 F with Dutch ovens inside. Drop loaves into pots lined with rounds of parchment paper. Bake covered  25 minutes at 450 F, uncover pots and bake a further 22 minutes at 425 F. 

I found that making only 3 loaves this weekend was a piece of cake when I usually make 12 (I took a break from baking for my friends).  Not having add-ins to fuss with was also kind of nice! I also know that I can collect my left over Levain and make bread with it that is quite tasty.  


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That's about 25% pre-fermented flour. Not unreasonable, generally.

When you say your starter was "unfed," how long since the last feeding? Was it kept at room temp. or in the fridge?


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collected over at least the last four to six weekends if not more. So some of it is fairly old but the stuff on the top was fro Tuesday when I last mixed up dough. It was kept in the fridge. I do remember throwing in a bit more flour to thicken it up a few weeks ago as i was going to use it as my NFNM starter but I didn’t put enough in to thicken it to that point. 


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As usual your loaves look great!!  Very well done! You're an inspiration!

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I am really sorry about that!

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You're making some great breads!! Enjoy

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Very nice discovery.  We learn something new all the time.

Happy Baking!

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Whenever I'm baking with a 75% hydration levain, it is almost always excess from earlier builds and unfed.  Never seems to complain.  If I need 300g, let's say, I might do a refresh of maybe 1000g and keep the rest at the ready.

These look very nice indeed!


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Lechem (not verified)

Looks delicious and loving that crumb. It's funny as we have the 'rules' for using sourdough and at the beginning I attached so much importance to catching that perfect peaking time etc. But reality is different and exciting to try different things. 

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It is my starter that goes unfed for weeks on end but I like an active levain rather than one that is tired and old like me:-)   whole multi-grains - my favorite beard by far.  Well done and

Happy baking Danni