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Any life in my starter?

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THE dutch_oven

Any life in my starter?

So, I live in Las Vegas and the air is very dry. When I began making my starter, I went into it with very low expectations. I just used AP and water and so far its been 3 days and I've fed it once every 24 hours, which means it's had 3 feedings. (Some people suggest every 12 hours, some say to just leave it for 48, so I just settled with 24.) Today I was surprised at how it looked considering I wasn't expecting it to do much of anything, but I don't want to get excited too quickly because I'm not sure if this is a good sign or not. There's some bubbling, but is it possible that it's just air escaping from having been stirred the previous day?

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Lechem (not verified)

What does it smell like? 

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looks good to me as well.


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Looks fine as the others have said. Sometimes there is an initial spurt of activity followed by a lul. Don't worry if it seems to slow down again. Just keep feeding daily.

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Like so many before us, I too went through this just a month ago. Seems like you're doing fine, but you might find it interesting to read THIS or THIS.