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So it's not the loftiest loaf in town...

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Anonymous baker (not verified)

So it's not the loftiest loaf in town...

...but the crumb structure is good and it's tasty. 

I based this on Sarah Owen's "Honeyed, Spelt and Oat Levain" but the recipe kept on evolving. The three differences are thus:

Even though I left out the honey the dough felt stickier than the usual recipe and that is probably down to the rye. I did an autolyse with just the scald, water and flour for 1 hour after which I added the salt and levain. Gave the dough a little knead while incorporating the salt and levain then added in some folds periodically through the bulk ferment which took longer than in the actual recipe. Wasn't watching the clock but we're talking about 5-6 hours. Did the final proof in the fridge for 12 hours. 

What we have is a delicious malty loaf with added texture and flavour from the rye. Everything went so smoothly I was sure this would have more oven spring though. But this was a freestanding loaf so I'm assuming it's a typical (or almost typical) height of a loaf which has a significant amount of rye and spelt. 

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Just delicious.  Bet it's spectacular with butter and cheese.  Lol.

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Lechem (not verified)

I'm not one for butter but I'm definitely one for cheese. Mature cheddar being one of my favourite. Lately I've been enjoying my breads toasted and dipped into pumpkin seed oil or some other healthy alternative highly recommended! Looking on the bright side this shape is perfect for dipping. 

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Good looking loaf Abe.

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Lechem (not verified)

It's lovely toasted.

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No matter how good looking if it tastes bad into the bin it goes.  Healthy and hearty too.  What's not to like?

Happy baking Abe

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Lechem (not verified)

and it turned out delicious. I agree with you whole heartedly. Taste is everything. The malted flour, seeds, rye and spelt work so well together.

Thank you Dabrownman.

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Oooh - rye, spelt, and malts - one of my favourites!  The flavour has got to be fantastic, with enough strength to stand up to a strong cheese but smooth enough to complement and not overpower.  

I'd bet this one will be on the "repeat" list ;)

Nice bake, Abe - it's got me plotting how to replicate that flour!

Best, Laurie

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Lechem (not verified)

and adding the malt flour with seeds was a great choice. If you can try and replicate the flour. That's why I've included the link which has the ingredients. This bread is so lovely toasted I really recommend it. Will definitely do this one again.

Thank you Laurie.