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Hey all!

I'm excited to move from Fresh Loaf lurker to community member! I've been getting into bread baking the last couple months, and this site has been a great source of wisdom. 

I live on Long Island, so basically all my spare money is going to rent. Bread baking is a great cheap hobby! There is plenty of gear I can ogle, but I can also talk myself out of it ("make due" has become my money saving mantra which is tough for a gizmo-addict, but works well enough for a task where the yeasties do all the hard work). 

I'm hoping to use the blog feature of TFL to keep track of my progress as a baker instead of counting on vague memories of what went right last week.


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Post pics when you can... esp. if there are problems and always a crumb shot also.  lol
Happy Baking


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The dark side - many obsessive bakers here for all baking projects - oh yes you got that right on gear - I use a strip of cardboard as a peel - been going strong for months - baking stones you ask - hit up a stone yard and and get a huge slab of stone for 10-20 dollars or, go online and purchase a fancy (undersized) clay pizza stone for 50 dollars ... Then watch it crumble after a few bakes. Lastly, restaurant supply joints for regular things like bench knives - thos is where to find the best equipment for cheap. The online stores and fancy retailers always take a standard piece of equipment for example a pizza screen, and redesign them for home appeal, knock up the price for whats ultimately an inferior tool that just looks impressive and doesnt work as well (hint pizza cutters - restaurant supplies sell the basic big wheel cutters)