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100% whole-grain kamut bread cold fermented

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100% whole-grain kamut bread cold fermented

For a long time I was striving to achieve similar result to what dabrownman has done in this post.

Finally I think I got nailed it with extremely long cold fermentation of 66 hours. The kamut grain was milled at home. The only time the dough was out of fridge was first 30 minutes for autolyse. Then I added the salt and after building gluten and adding some more water I ended up with 92% hydration. After that the whole process was going on only in the fridge with several S&F, shaping and cold final proofing. The result is on the picture.

Happy baking to everyone.



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This  must have tasted great as well.

Happy Baking



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It was really tasty and I expect that it will be very sour but was probably even less than my everyday bread.

Happy baking, Joze