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Porridge bread also

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Porridge bread also

having seen several beautiful porridge breads here lately, i resolved to try it for my Sunday bake. 

Mixed last night

200 gr active rye sourdough 

300 gr porridge ( 50 gr oatmeal, 50 gr quinoa, 200 gr h2o)

600 gr fresh ground spelt, ww mix

200 gr ap flour

10 gr wheat malt flour 

200 gr chopped pecans 

16 gr salt

450 gr h2o

for a total 1000 gr of grain and 750 gr water. 

After an hour rest, knead to medium dev, leave out overnight ( covered and in cool conditions, 65 degrees F). 

In morning ( 10 hr later) it had tripled, but it was still dough and not soup. So i preshaped, shaped and baked, as two loaves, pretty much with little proof time (perhaps 40 mins while oven heated). with steam for 20 mins, 20 min dry to internal temp of 205. 

Small holes in the probably overfermented loaf, but a nice uniform airy and pillowy texture. And not very sour. A hit with the family. 

Notes for next time- either reduce innoculation, or get up earlier. Increase porridge amout. Also, some raisins or other dried fruit would go great with the pecans. 


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but i think the crumb looks great! I am glad that you took the plunge into porridge breads. I took a bit of convincing but now I am sold on them. 

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I had never tried baking dough that tripled. It must have had enough strong flour to survive it. I’m always hoping for bigger holes, but I can settle for nice uniform small holes, esp when the bread is this soft and moist. 

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of his recipes that the dough must triple before shaping it. His loaves turn out just fine. So what you did is not unheard of. Glad that you persevered. 

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Another lovely looking loaf, and must taste great.

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That looks a Lovely loaf, ive a porridge loaf bulk fermenting now, and I think the extra ingredient makes it ferment quicker - just a thought as I've only been baking 6 months and still in the experimental stage(probably will be for smime time)