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Welcome, RL Perry! New thread about High Elevation Baking

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Welcome, RL Perry! New thread about High Elevation Baking

Hi there!

I noticed your post attached to another, unrelated thread, so opened up a new one here for you.  Your post reads as:


I just found this wonderful site tonight and am so excited to read and start baking!  My problem in baking is that I live at 6500' altitude and have difficulty getting the leavening, sugar, and liquids in correct amounts to produce quality products.   I understand the air pressure is lower and the air is thinner at this altitude.  Do you have any articles I can read to help me?

Thank you SO much for this wonderful site!

RL Perry

One of the better articles on what tweaks to make to adjust for your elevation can be found here:

For bread baking, there are a few folks here who have experience baking at higher elevations, and it actually is less complicated adjusting for elevation with lean bread recipes (flour / water / salt / yeast) than it is with any other baking.  The main issues with breads are that they rise faster (due to the lower air pressure) and are fully baked at a lower internal temperature (the boiling point of water). 

Please let us know what specific questions you have, and I'm sure you'll get lots of advice from other folks at higher elevations!