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First Ever Loaf - needs some work

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First Ever Loaf - needs some work

Hello Everyone,

This site has been amazing as I start my sourdough journey. Just wanted to share pics of my first ever loaf, which would not have been possible without you guys.

I think my starter wasn't quite active enough, so this spent about 15 hours on the counter for the leaven (with the flour/water added in 3 stages at 5 hours intervals). Then it spent 12 hours in the fridge after shaping. I still don't think it rose enough cause some parts are too close textured.

If I'm learning correctly, this was 100% white bread flour, 75% hydration, 1.8% salt, and the final leaven was 450 grams total after the three stages (which was added to about 775 grams water, and 525 water).

My starter is much more active now, so I'm hoping my next attempt is even better.


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a first one.  Congrats!!!  The journey is so much fun.  Welcome aboard.



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and certainly much better than my first loaf. Keep practicing and you'll be making spectacular loaves soon.

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my first efforts were disasters until I finally got a good starter going. It is so much fun, and very very addictive.  well done


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the hadster

Frankly, your first loaf looks amazing compared to my first sour dough loaf.  I bet this loaf makes amazing toast and glorious sandwiches.

I'm afraid you've contracted the obsession we all have, the search for the perfect loaf.  The only cure is to keep baking and eating your bread.  The good news is that you will be able to share your efforts with family and friends.  Most people will take a loaf of home made bread gladly.

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For the nice comments!

The taste of this loaf was amazing--very sour, which is what I love. I can already see how sourdough is a rabbit's hole--there are just so many methods and ways of doing things, it seems almost infinite.

Made a second batch last night and while it improved on some points, it had some issues. I used a portion of sprouted whole wheat flour, which meant that it had to have higher hydration. This meant it stuck to the banneton and became a sort of blob when I flipped it into the hot dutch oven. It still got some lift on it, but not as much as I would have liked. Plus, It was nearly impossible to score since there wasn't a taut skin on it anymore.

On the plus side, the crust on this one was out of this world--so crunchy and thin and shattery. I'm wondering if the sprouted wheat played a role in that.


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Hi Bigmanlovesfood,

Your post caught my eye because am in the processing of making my first sourdough loaf too! I just started a simple sourdough starter and after reading your post and looking at your photos, I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your results!! I am the farthest thing from even a "skilled" baker but I really think your loafs look great! Definitely gives me inspiration for trying my hand at baking my first sourdough... 

I'm looking forward to seeing what else you whip up! 

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How did your first loaf turn out?

I think I had some beginners luck with that first loaf. I've made several more loafs since, and none of them have turned out as well.

Although, I am trying new techniques so maybe it is just that my technique on the first one was the best.