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Crumb too soft and light

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Crumb too soft and light

Everything went super smooth with this bake. 3.5 hours rising time gave me a pillow like dough before going into the fridge in bannetons. It came from a mother thats 10% rye and has been brewing in my fridge for 6 weeks. I went with a lower hydration than PR’s SF sourdough - 63% instead of 69%.

The crust is perfect, but it’s barely sour. I have been feeding this mother and giving it oxygen by stirring it up with my dough whisk, but it’s still been producing a lot of alcohol. 

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Lechem (not verified)

What's interesting is that your mother starter produces a lot of alcohol. This should make it more sour and yet your bread isn't tangy as much as you'd like. You haven't said so but I guess from this you're building a Pre-Ferment and I think here is where you'd lose the tang if used when young.

A bit more about your mother starter and maintenance plus the Levain build will help. Otherwise I see a lovely bread. It takes time to balance the flavours and work out a method to bring out a characteristic you want. 

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Victor Mello

I would like to see your formula and the process that you used. Any chance of posting the details?

Well done.