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I must have (lava) rocks in my head!

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I must have (lava) rocks in my head!


ok, so this weekend I decided that I had to try Ian's pecan cherry cranberry porridge bread. I would build some  levain but I would have a bit more than needed so decided to add in a 1:2:3 loaf using up some flours in the freezer. Ok I also decided to have a go at hamburger buns, and then at the last minute decided to add baguettes to the mix! as I say - rocks in my head...

This post is about the baguettes and hamburgers (will do a sepatate one for the SD loaves).

Yesterday hubby was out for the day, it was raining (nonstop) so I could just play as much as I wanted.  

About midday mixed up the basic dough (txt farmers recipe) for 6 x 275 g baguettes

958 g flour

719 g water

19 g salt

Instant yeast 4 g

mixed to shaggy dough then rest 3 hours with stretch and fold every 45 minutes. Divide, preshape rest 30 minutes, then shaped &?proofed about 35 minutes. first 3 were scored, then into hot oven with lava rocks for steam for 10 minutes then 15 no steam.  Repeat with 2nd 3 baguettes (lead photo) all finished by 5:30 pm.

This is first batch

shaping was borderline, better in the 2nd batch but blowouts are a feature!  scoring not good!!!

crumb - still needs work I think.

So alongside this prep were the Hamburger buns as per bwraith April 2007. Started at 1 pm autolysed 20 minutes

550g flour

100 g spelt

290 g water

200 g milk

worked in instant yeast (recipe was 1 package active dry yeast so i may have got this amount wrong) 5 g, salt 13 g and 30 g olive oil. Bulk ferment  with folds at 1, 2 and 2.5 hours. this was then ready while was in the middle of shaping baguettes - talk about stress!  finished baguette shaping then started shaping the buns. 2nd batch baguettes and buns were proofed in the conservatory where it was quite a bit cooler in an effort to slow proof a little. 

As soon as baguettes were backed, I brushed buns with milk, sprinkled sesame seed and baked for 15 minutes with steam for about 6 minutes. 

I was happy when the bake was done but looking at photo today, buns are a bit anaemic.... :(   All went into freezer

The SD loaves were slotted in as well so it was a frantic day and by the time dinner was done I was absolutely done in!!

This bread making is just soooo adictive


ps. edited to correct spelling....



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Sheesh - just jump right in trying to shape 75% hydration white flour baguettes, why don't you?!  I was only brave enough to try 70% hydration with 30% whole grains - and still find it tricky!

So, I have to ask - is "larva rock" a local NZ term for them?  They are called "lava" rocks (as in, the lava from a volcano) here, and every time I see you refer to "larva rock" I just get a visual of cute little baby rocks that haven't pupated yet.  It makes me giggle every time!

The other buns look good to me, and I bet that the more pale look is from the lighting of the photograph and not from the actual bake.

I've got to go make some sandwiches to head back out in to the backcountry, but will comment on the stunning loaves that made up the rest of your crazy ambitious bake day when we get back!

Best, Laurie

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on the spelling error at all :(  love the comparison  and will in future spell it correctly :)