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Getting High in Mexico

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Getting High in Mexico

So we finally made it to Mexico! And after a one-month delay we found a wonderful house to rent with a big kitchen and granite countertops. I haven't made a run into the 'big city' to find actual bread flour at Costco yet, so I'm experimenting with a local flour, Espuma de Chapala. I also bought a vacuum packed brick of yeast.

In retrospect, I probably should have reduced the yeast in this one. Here is the dough at the beginning:

and here it is after only ONE HOUR:

That's a pretty solid doubling in just one hour. I don't think we're going to make the 4-hour recommendation.

Now researching workarounds for the 5000+ altitude and yeast, etc.


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Quick - get the bench knife and tame that beast!

Awesome to see that you made it through hurricanes and volcano eruptions and earthquakes, and are settling in and getting back to baking - I had been worried about you!

I'm not quite at that elevation (just shy of 3500 feet), but still notice a difference in baking and cooking --- especially when a low pressure storm front rolls through!  The KAF reference is pretty good (even though they apparently don't know the difference between altitude and elevation):

The main things that I notice are that I need to watch the dough for a faster rise than predicted (like your frighteningly eager new life-form!), and that internal temperature when it is baked is lower --- so I shoot for 200 deg F on recipes listing 208 deg, for instance. 

Starters and levains can get pretty wild, too, and I've watched mine pulsating with quickly changing pressures.  It'll take a bit for you to get used to, but just keep an eye on the dough and be ready to refrigerate or bake at a much different time than you had planned.

Welcome back - looking forward to seeing how this flour works for you, and how this new alien turns out!

Best, Laurie

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...the original recipe called for some sugar, so I threw in about 4 packets of Splenda and added a layer of cinnamon. It seems to be more suited to dessert than sandwiches. Wow! Kinda has that whole 'pan dulce' thing going on. But I like it...

Not quite as hot as intended, but seems to be done throughout.

More pics when I can get my phone to finish uploading!

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