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Hello from Ohio

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Hello from Ohio

Hi there--I just realized I ought to introduce myself, and hey, here's a forum for doing so. :) I'm Jenny, from Ohio. I tried baking bread in my teenage years (my brother was fond of the cinnamon-swirl bread I made once, even though I substituted water for milk) but only recently got back into it. I'm not sure why...possibly starting to garden had something to do with it, or maybe I just felt I needed yet another hobby?

Anyway, I have a two-month-old sourdough starter in the fridge that I've been using every week or two weeks. I made two kinds of rolls for this past Thanksgiving (one was the buttermilk cluster, which I thought came out too heavy but other people loved) and cinnamon rolls for Christmas (which I want to improve on over the next year). I'm working on perfecting a garlic-rosemary sourdough, and my husband and I recently got interested in homemade pizza, so I'm going to do a pizza crust experimental extravaganza soon--test batches of six different recipes and blind tasters [my in-laws].

I've been reading the site for a while and have lifted a few of the recipes already. Floyd's lessons were part of what spurred me into bread making again, and I've really been enjoying reading along--and I hope I'll have a little to contribute, too. Hi everyone!


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Welcome to The Fresh Loaf. I look forward to your pizza experiments and your contributions to this site.  We have lots of fun here.                                             weavershouse

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Welcome, good luck in your pizza tests.  I already know I'll like your posts, you use cool words like "Extravaganza".  And what a great idea for your blind tasters.


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Welcome.  I'm relatively new to this site myself but am extremely thankful for having found it.  The bakers on this site can only be described as amazing and generous,  freely sharing their recipes and experiences.  This is definitely the place to hang out if you want to learn about baking.