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20170930 LL's Sweet Potato Bun

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20170930 LL's Sweet Potato Bun


Thank you, LL, for sharing the formula!  




Holy moly! Almost used the black cardamom...



Only a tiny pod is needed...



The dough smells like perfume! 100% pre-fermented.




Would have been more aesthetic if flax seeds are used but I only have flax meal.





Puffy...but I might have rushed the bake - could have let it ferment a bit longer...



My little helper...



Too tired to create steam tonight, a big bowl comes handy...




Brushed with melted butter

Need to further experiment with the oven temperature with another bake

I enjoy the shortcut of getting 8 rolls out of one shaping






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What a beautiful presentation! Sweet potato is a great addition to bread - color, texture, flavor. Thanks, Yippee!


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A perfect picture and I'm sure it tastes as good as it looks.


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I know that the flavour will be just as good as it looks, too.

Is it odd that to have an overwhelming desire to poke your "little helper"?  It just looks so cute and puffy :-)

This is a wonderful version of LL's formula, and it is great to know that it works well with multiple days in the fridge as well as suiting different shaping ideas.  Thanks for sharing it, and I know that your family will appreciate it as much as we do.

Keep baking happy!


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Let me tell you, this bread tastes nothing like any bread I had tried before.  The combination of sourdough (I pre-fermented all the flours with starter) and freshly ground cardamom creates a minty fragrance and a "feel" of fancy dessert in the mouth.  It's more like a dessert than bread to me.  I just wish I had not under-proved it because with the help of my little helper, this mistake was unacceptable.  But I was very tired last night and desperately needed to  so I rushed it.  I will try again and keep my fingers crossed for better results next time.  Thank you again for your kind words.

Happy Baking!



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Beautiful!  im sure it tastes as good as it looks.



Yippee's picture

Yes, it tastes great! And the flavors develop and become better and better day after day!

Happy Baking!