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20170924 The Taste of Home

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20170924 The Taste of Home




We pour our heart and soul in the dough.  Every loaf is a love story.

You will know how much I miss you when you receive my bread...




Sending mommy's love with the taste of home...


Rye crisps made with Stan's honey flax seed crisp bread formula (modified procedures and ingredients)

100% pre-fermented, whole rye 74% , AP14% , WW12%

86% hydration including 9% honey

1.2% salt

7% milk powder

12% each: chia seeds and flax meal

sesame seeds and extra rye flour to coat

dough rolled out by Kitchen Aid pasta attachment

375F x 15ish mins




Mommy's favorite...




Don't forget to call...







Remember mommy...



isand66's picture

Beautiful bakes!  Your son/daughter I'm sure will appreciate your goodies.

Nice to see you posting again.

Best wishes.


Danni3ll3's picture

They all look delicious but that last pictures looks especially scrumptious!

Yippee's picture

My son said the crisps were very tasty and he finished half of them as soon as he got the mail. I was very happy to hear that but I'd like to hear from him more often... 

IceDemeter's picture

to go with the nostalgic smile!  My Mom doesn't send me breads, but her butter tarts are the same gift from the heart as your breads are for your son.

Thank you so much for sharing the gorgeous bakes (how am I going to explain wanting a pasta attachment when I don't eat pasta?!), and the bittersweet emotions that went with them.

Now - where do we sent a note to remind that son of yours to call his Momma?!

All the best to you and yours, Yippee - and keep baking happy!


Yippee's picture

I facetimed my mom in Hong Kong today.  Now knowing how if feels not getting a phone call from my son, I want to talk to her more often, even though we talk almost every day.  She used to send me parcels of pretty dresses from home. But it never occurred to me that it's her way of saying she missed me.   I guess there is something you don't really understand until you become a parent.  I'm glad it's not too late...

Thanks for your comment, Laurie.  It reminds me to take a moment to reflect on life.