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Kamut Porridge Sourdough with Honey

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Kamut Porridge Sourdough with Honey

I must admit that there is something special about making “true“ porridge breads. The loaves sure seem to stay fresh longer and the crumb is incredibly soft. After making loaves using this method for a second week, I found that it isn’t too onerous if I do all the the porridge for my 12 loaves all at once. Then I divide the porridge by four to add it to the four batches I make (each batch makes 3 loaves). I am very pleased on how this turned out!

I forgot to toast the Kamut flakes but this is definitely an option if one wishes. 

1. Mix 345 g of water with 75 g plain yogurt. I use a local organic yogurt. Add 3/4 of this mixture to 150 g of Kamut flakes and cook until water mixture is absorbed. Remove from heat. Add remaining water mixture, and let sit until cooled. 

2. Autolyse the above with 650 g unbleached flour, 302 g freshly milled Kamut flour, 50 g freshl’y ground flax seeds, 50 g honey and 600 g water. Let sit for a couple of hours. 

3. Mix in 22 g sea salt and 266 g of 80% rye/unbleached flour levain. The levain is a 4 stage levain. I mix everything well by hand until everything is well integrated and I see some gluten development. 

4. Do 3 sets of folds about 30 minutes apart and let rise till double. This week again, the dough had to take a side trip to the fridge so I could get my daily walk in. When I got back, I took the dough out and let it finish rising till double. 

5. Divide into portions of about 840 g and preshape into a loose boule. Let rest for a bit and then shape tightly into a boule. Place into rice/unbleached floured bannetons seam side down and cover. 

6. Place in cold fridge to proof overnight. 10-12 hours seems to be the sweet spot for me. 

7. The next morning, preheat oven and pots to 475 F for at least 45 minutes. Put parchment paper rounds in bottom of pots and place loaves seam side up in hot pots. Bake covered at 450 F for 35 minutes, remove lids and bake a further 25 minutes at 435 F. 

Makes 3 fantastically tasting boules. 



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These look perfect and must taste fantastic.  I'm glad you tried this method for the porridge again and it worked outs so good.

Happy Baking!



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Hi Dannielle: Would you mind if I posted your photos and recipe/text to Kamut International's social media? I will give you credit. 

Thanks for your consideration. 


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P.O. Box 4903 | Missoula, MT 59806 | USA
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Do you want me to rewrite the recipe in a more conventional manner? Most of us understand what I mean by 80% levain but the general public may not. Please let me know. 

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Nice work, Danni.


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I've been grinning since spotting your signature style on the browser - and love that your fantastic bake is getting some of the recognition it deserves.

I'm with Ian in being glad that you gave his cooked porridge method another try, and found a way to make it work with the amount that you're baking.  That moist and creamy crumb is pretty much the ideal result from his technique, and isn't it great for sandwiches?!  I know we're hooked!

Hope you and yours are all well and enjoying a lovely autumn - and that you have a safe and joyous Thanksgiving.

Best, Laurie