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Dough gone slack!

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Dough gone slack!

Hi all!

I'm working on two Tartine loaves for this evening, but am noticing that my dough is not nearly where it should be at the final proof. It puffed up exponentially during bulk fermentation (which was at 80 or so degrees) and went completely slack and sticky when I attempted S&Fs. No structure whatsoever. I did run out of my King Arthur bread flour recently and used Bob's Red Mill AP instead. I'm wondering if the flour switch, excessive fermentation, or a combination of both contributed to the unmanageable dough? 

Is there any way to salvage my loaves during this final proof? I put them in a cooler part of my kitchen thinking they might completely deflate if the heat encourages more fermenting...ugh

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Lechem (not verified)

And it tears very easily then it sounds like over fermentation. 

Did your dough at any stage have strength? 

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Mini Oven

it could be that the hydration got too high if the AP absorbed less water.  Toss in some rolled oats and let them soak up the water for 15 minutes.  See if that helps out  And make sure you add a little salt.  Taste the dough and make sure the recipe salt is also in there.  

One of the main reasons for using bread flour in a long fermentation process is that the gluten holds out longer.