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Hello everybody!

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Hello everybody!

   My name is Nick---I am 22 years old, reside in Michigan and just started baking bread. I've been dealing with pizza doughs for a while now and have a great understanding of them, however; I know they are not bread. I work with a woodfired oven for my job and am fascinated by breads as of late. I'm hoping everyone can be helpful and welcoming!

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Lechem (not verified)

You've come to the right place. Enjoy! 

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Of course pizza crust is bread, just a different shape.  We hope to get your input and we are willing to answer your questions, if we can.


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Great to see your post!

Pizza dough is very challenging (for me anyway)!  It took me many tries to get one that wasn't too "bread-y" or "card-board'y" but had that balance of chewy-ness and a bit of crunch.

Here is what my recipe has evolved to...(it's getting pretty close, but can always be better, right??)

120 g  Tipo ‘00’ flour 
120 g  All Purpose flour
156 g water
50 g sourdough starter
7 g salt
5 g yeast
12 g olive oil

I mix the first 4 ingredients, then let it rest about 20 minutes to "autolyze", then add the salt, yeast and oil.  

I let it sit another 30 and then knead it for 5 minutes, with 10 minute rest, then repeat, adding a little flour as I knead so that it isn't overly sticky and I can form a ball.  

I then put it into an oiled bowl and refrigerate over night (or sometimes 2 nights).

I would love your suggestions! (I am originally from the East Coast, and there is nothing like a good NY slice, with the crust that you can fold in half to eat!)


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I will try this recipe. Thanks.