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Whole grain spelt bread

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Whole grain spelt bread

I had some spelt on hand and just tried baking a 100% spelt bread. Actually, the starter was rye, so not quite. Not much ovenspring, but more airy than i expected. And the flavor is amazing. 

Does anyone have opinions on hydration when using spelt vs hard wheat? (This loaf was 80%). 


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Mini Oven

flour into the dough.  (up the rye%)   Don't you just love spelt?  Spelt and rye is my favourite combination and they complement each other so nicely.   Save a few slices (freeze) to feed the starter or crumble into the dough liquids... for extra flavour!   

Very Lovely Loaf!  :)   Excellent!

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Thanks, Mini! I appreciate the encouragement, and the advice.

Do you mean to use more rye sour, or to use rye flour in the main dough?

For reference, I used:

300 gr fresh milled spelt240 gr H2O

autolyse spelt+water several hours (I was out of the house)


6 gr salt

10 gr spelt malt flour

50 gr rye sour (60% hydr, and it was refreshed from a refridgerated sour at the time I mixed the autolyse)

30 gr olive oil

knead to medium development, go on some more errands. On return it had doubled (or a bit more than doubled).

Fold a few times, shape, rest about 40 min while oven heats.

Bake 20 min at 450 (covered), 20 at 425 (uncovered)


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Mini Oven

is what I meant.  

However if you find the finished loaf getting too sour, increase the amount of rye starter slightly.  More is less.  :)

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Spelt is good.  By itself if results as you found in a low-ish and denser loaf than with other flours.  Agree with mini that rye/spelt is a wonderful combination.


I use up to 50% whole spelt flour by weight, with whole rye.  For me, rye can mean whole rye or rye meal, which is known as pumpernickel in the local store where I buy it.  No relation to pumpernickel bread, as a finished product. 


Also I use whole spelt/rye/white wheat in a one third of each mix.  Really good. 


Hydration is 70% for a loaf, and around 55%-60% for rolls or Brötchen. 


Nice oven spring and wonderful earthy aroma. 


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semolina_man, you suggest (in addition to combining with rye 50-50), to reduce to 70% hydration). I'll give that a go in my next round of bread with spelt. The 80% dough was not hard to work with, though. I'll experiment. I'm still in the early learning stages with 100% whole grain bread. I'm sold on the aroma of spelt, for sure. That loaf made a great turkey sandwich on Thursday night.