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KAF White Whole Wheat Flour

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buns of steel

KAF White Whole Wheat Flour

Hoping to get some suggestions as to what to bake with this White Whole Wheat Flour from King Arthur Flour, and anything else you can tell me about it.  I've never used it before.  Thanks!

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(I haven't used the KA product, but I will assume it's like Wheat Montana Prairie Gold and others' products from the same white wheat.)

This flour hydrates and bakes like the red wheat whole-grain flour that you already know.  However, it's much lighter in color, and less strong-tasting.  I've heard this stuff pitched as "The whole wheat flour for people who don't like whole wheat," which sounds silly but does have some truth.  If you love the taste of conventional whole wheat breads, you may be disappointed in white wheat's reduced bitterness.  Conversely, if you're not crazy about the taste of your usual whole wheat breads, this stuff could unlock new possibilities.  Me, I like it all, but if I'm bringing a whole grain loaf to a friend's dinner party I favor the white.

You can bake a regular graham-style whole wheat loaf with this flour.  Such a bread will have the crumb density of a whole grain loaf, but a much paler interior color (a yellow-tan) and less bitter taste.  It can confuse customers who associate "whole wheat" with the standard red wheat product... they look for and expect that brown color, and if they don't get it, they don't believe they're getting whole wheat.  We are all such visual creatures.  The crust of a hearth white whole wheat loaf can get pretty dark, so maybe unsliced loaves would be more salable.

100% white whole wheat makes beautiful and delicious pita and similar flatbreads.

I also like to sub 5 or 10 percent white whole wheat flour into doughs that otherwise use all refined flour.  Great in pizza crust and "country" whites both - you get a subtle flecked rustic effect without the unfortunate (IMO) "health bread" look of low-proportion red whole wheat.

Note that despite the color, this is whole wheat flour, a perishable product.  Rancid white whole wheat doesn't taste any better than rancid red whole wheat.

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bos, I love this flour and keep a bag in my freezer, well wrapped. I like to add it to most of my white flour recipes, substituting it for part of the white. Last night with supper we had Susan's sourdough with part www and it was delicious - and rose beautifully. I'm not a big fan of regular ww flavor but this is much milder, and hopefully more nutritious than all white, A.

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The Wheat Montana Prairie Gold is significantly higher in protein and absorbance than King Arthur White WHole Wheat.  The KA-WWW has many uses from cookies to bread. 

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I sub it for some of the white flour in my daily 1/2 whole wheat loaf, to increase it to more like 3/4 without the same density and strong flavor I would get from 100% red whole wheat.  I also sub it for as much as half of the white flour in quick breads, pancakes, and muffins, with great results.  Anywhere you would use unbleached flour but want a little healthier, I would sub in some www. I haven't tried pie crust yet, but should see how it goes.


I send 1/2 whole wheat muffins to my son's school and nobody knows the difference. 

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buns of steel

thanks everyone, you've given me a much better sense of it. 

Thanks also for the reminder to put it in the freezer, I grind all my own whole grain flour from grains, and usually the only flour I buy is white, so it wasn't as on my mind to think about the freshness factor.

goetter, your suggestion of flatbreads was very timely.  I had just made Peter Reinhart's WW Naan from ground red wheat.  I am thinking WW Naan would be nice with this KAF WWW because it would let the yogurt/butter taste come through more over the WW taste.  :)

 I'm thinking I'll also try some slightly sweet enriched dough recipes from it, maybe even brioche, and I've been wanting to make a blueberry braid like the one Floyd posted.  Will try viennoise of some sort. 

So then is the "white" a difference in the breed of wheat, versus a cultivation technique like spring or winter, etc.

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Yes, the white is a different strain of wheat.  It has a different seed coat from red wheat, which results in the lighter color and flavor.