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Lean old world type formula

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will slick

Lean old world type formula

hello, friends,

 I am looking for formula suggestions, using these two flours together . I don't have a sourdough starter yet so.....

Thanks for any help.


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I looked up the company and was more and more impressed the more I read their website. This is a real "from the ground up" story on getting organic growers and millers together to produce  and mill quality flour.

I don't have any specific recipes at the moment to offer but "Thank you!" for bringing this company to light. Please let us all know how the flour is to work with and the taste.

I know if you search "spelt" that there are a number of recent posts on using it both exclusively and as a mix. There have been a few posters that have developed 100% spelt loaves or jumped in to troubleshoot others difficulties with spelt-it can be a bit touchy, I gather, to proof without overproofing. Jeurgen Krauss,island66,Mini Oven, Dabrownman (no longer available but has many posts), Lechem, mutant space,to name a few. I'm sure I missed many.

 Here is a sampling:

Happy baking! Bake something delicious and let us see how it turned out.

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the hadster

I found their website some time ago, but they don't really sell to individuals.  Are they at the Union Square market?  If so, what day?



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will slick

That is correct hadster, they have a booth at union Sq. market. The One Degree sprouted spelt, I picked up at Morten Williams here in Manhattan. Farmers Ground, hail from Ithaca N.Y. finger lake region. One degree  B.C. Canada.

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If you're in NYC, you can also find their flours in Whole Foods and small groceries and coops, like Bed-Stuy Fresh and Local (which carries some of their flours in bulk bins). 

I recently moved away from the city, but when I was there I exclusively used their dark rye for my levains and had great results with the spelt, whole wheat, and half-white bread flour. The half-white is good, but a little less gluten content (or so I reckoned) than King Arthur flours.

Sorely missing their flours here in South Texas.