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20170909 Sesame Rye

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20170909 Sesame Rye

                                                       Where there's a will, there's a way.




Fingers crossed...





Looking good...BUT






I took the dough out of the Pullman too soon and it collapsed in the oven...

Well, lots of altus for future bakes




one more try...





Docking with bamboo skewers made BIG holes...






65% rye @85% hydration



100% pre-fermented

starters: WW 7%, Rye 25%

levain: whole rye 18%, rye flakes(porridge) 22%, Giusto Ultimate Performer - highest protein flour 28%


20% each: double raisins and walnut

salt 2.2%

IDY 0.3%



Retard @39F x 3.5 hrs



395F x 1.25 hrs in Pullman with lid

395F x .25 hr out of Pullman






An extra loaf goes to Arizona - hope all is well...






Re-bake to perfect the loaf...







No docking this time to avoid messing up the surface...

Longer retarded proof:  36F x 6 hours






 Very pleased, pretty inside and out...





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Wow this looks fantastic!  So nice to see a post from you.  Hope you and your family are doing well.  I'm sure your friend in Arizona will be very happy to receive this special bread.

Happy Baking!


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We are doing fine, thank you! Summer's over and we're back to the school routine. It's not easy for me to bake.  Therefore, I'm extremely happy to have figured out a way to do it (and effortlessly post pictures here).  I surely hope our friend would love my bread!

Happy Baking to you, too!


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I'm sure your friend in Arizona - and his baking apprentice - will be thrilled to receive such a lovely loaf (especially with it being from the "dark side").

It honestly looks so tasty that I'm not sure that the first loaf would even last long enough to be used as altus in this house - I'd be nibbling on the crumbs all day (or mixing them in to some custard for a stunning bread pudding). 

I'm so glad that you can post pics here, since your pictures are as lovely as your baking.  Thanks so much for sharing, and keep baking happy! Best, Laurie

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the "altus" was exactly what we did while the new loaves were in the making, Laurie.  But I had to stop everyone from eating because I need the altus for a few breads that I consider making.  In a household where there is hardly any stock of homemade bread, the altus I have is very "precious".  I'm actually happy that the dough collapsed because it was a nice accident!

Thank you for your kind words. Now that I have the workaround for my time constraints and found an easy way to post pictures, I'm hoping to share my breads more often here. Happy Baking to you, too!