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New kitchen

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New kitchen

We just secured an apartment in Mexico, sight unseen. It's that cute! OK, we haven't seen it *in person* but we do have pictures. For example, the kitchen has a gas stove/oven with six burners. It's smaller than the typical American oven, so I think it will be more efficient. That, plus the mile-high altitude, should make for some interesting recipe adjustments.

But look at all the counter space!

We will be moving in on Friday. Pretty excited...


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that colour! I love it! On the other hand, my home office is painted that same deep cherry colour. 

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I do hope that you didn't end up in the damage zone from Harvey --- and that you and yours are all well and safe.

Please let us know how you are doing - and how the first bakes go in the new kitchen!

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Dixongexpat was not to be. This house, in spite of the color scheme, was not ready for prime time. Those countertops were deceptively narrow. There were a dozen or so reasons we continued to look for other options, and we found it! I now have an even larger stove/oven with granite countertops and a lot of room to work.

I finally gave in and purchased some local flour. It isn't 'bread flour' but it will have to do. I'll add a new blog post with pics shortly.