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Lesson 2 Bread

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Lesson 2 Bread

I've been learning to bake bread reading the Bread Baker's Apprentice. I've focused on variation 3 of the white bread formula. I mix by hand. The bread, and dinner rolls especially, from this recipe have been coming out great.

I figured it was time to try something new, so the Lesson 2 bread looked good. Only having volume measurements threw me for a loop. The dough was way too hydrated. Having mixed so many loaves by hand helped a lot here. I added flour till it just felt right.

It came out OK, I thought. I tasted great with dinner. The kids loved it.



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Nice. Keep it up!

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You'll swimming in the deep end of the pool before you know it. 


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You know that you've been well hooked in to the bread-baking addiction when you can FEEL that a dough isn't how you wanted, modify it on the fly, and end up with such a great result.  As pmccool says - you'll be in the deep end in no time!

Please keep sharing!