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Tough crust? Aha!

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Lazy Loafer

Tough crust? Aha!

I'm just reading through the Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book, and found this little gem of information:

> If very warm dough is chilled during its final rise, the crust area will be thick and tough, and there may be holes inside because the gluten ruptured.

I thought I would share that because so many people seem to post about thick, tough crust and what to do about it! Perhaps try to retard the bulk ferment stage instead of the final shaped proof, then. :)

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I've posted about tough/leathery crust. This totally makes sense. If the dough is warm and doesn't get to acclimate to a "colder" temp aka your fridge...of course it's going to dry out and form a layer of "skin"

If I proof in the fridge, I wonder if I should let it sit out for a bit on the counter before popping it in the oven or like you said.. bulk ferment in the fridge and then allow to proof on the counter.