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100% Home-Milled Sourdough

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100% Home-Milled Sourdough

So today is a good day for me. I've been on a bit of a roll with the bread as of late, as I have adjusted my process a bit. So, I decided to test my luck and go for a 100% whole grain loaf. I mill all of my whole grains and normally don't go under 50% whole grains, but I have yet to have this kind of success with any 100% WG loaf. 

Side-note, I did sift it to 93% extraction... so I guess a little cheating. 


Levain - 200g of Flour - I could have simplified it, but it's basically what the final dough formula minus the AP flour

  • 25% Starter
  • 10% Rye
  • 30% Whole Grain White Wheat
  • 50% Whole Grain Red Wheat
  • 10% AP 

Dough - 2000g Flour - 4 loaves 

Autolyse - 1 Hour

  • 10% Rye
  • 30% White Wheat
  • 60% Red Wheat
  • 80% Water


  • 2% Salt
  • 13% Levain
  • 0.375% Diastatic Malt (7.5g)
  • 3-10% Water - I got to 86% Hydration

The rest was your normal sourdough process, 4 Hour bulk, 4 stretch and folds, and 12 Hr cold final proof.


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Wow!  Perfect crumb.  Great looking bake.  Thanks for sharing.

Happy Baking.


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Wow,  you got tremendous ears for nearly 100% whole grain 

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Thank you, I was a bit surprised when I took the top off the combo cookers and saw all those ears! Tomorrow the plan is 100% whole grain. With really high whole grain I like to sift out the flour and make a porridge with about a 1:3 water ratio. It works well so I can develop the gluten a little better before I add the sifted bran back in. So I'll most likely do that if I have the time. Maybe toast the bran first... we'll see.

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well done and happy baking


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No sifting this time, well I sifted it, scolded it with hot water and added it back in. Also upped the rye to 15%.

I added too much water, one of the loaves was just falling apart when shaping so I put it in a pan. I was at 95% hydro and just decide to go for the 100%, not my smartest choice as it was pretty humid. 

Slightly almost over proofed, but still acceptable. I will say the flavor is so much better than the sifted loaf. I think that is the last time I sift 100% of the flour as leaving just a bit of bran, even in the 50% whole grain loaves is much tastier than the sifted loaf.