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Under-baked sides in a 5inchx5inch Pullman loaf tin

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Under-baked sides in a 5inchx5inch Pullman loaf tin


Can anyone help me understand why the sides of the  loaf (baked in a 5x5x12 inch Pullman tin) remained under-baked & gummy, while the interior had a nice open crumb?

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Mini Oven

Might be easier to pinpoint with a recipe, oven temps and timing of the various steps.  

Particularly want to know the actual size of the pullman pan...  Was it really 5x5x12?  Bright and shiny?

How full was the pan when the fresh shaped loaf was placed inside?  Half? 2/3?  3/4?  Full?

The dense area looks like it is wet, soggy like and not under-baked but boiled.  Tightly compressed onto the sides.  Are all sides the same?  Was there a power interruption during the bake?     After baking, was the loaf tipped immediately out of the form?

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The recipe (in grams)

1042 WW flour(Atta)
17 malted wheat flour
47 Gluten
22 Milk Powder
847 Water
272 Tangzhong paste
22 Salt
9 Yeast

The dough was prepared & left overnight in the refrigerator. It had risen well. This was then rolled into long rectangle. Then it was rolled & transferred to the Pullman. 

At the time of transferring the tin was about 2/3 full.

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Mini Oven

amount is very high.  That and a plentiful amount of Tangzhonged dough compacted the loaf on the sides.  I suspect there is too much dough expansion for the space provided.  Overkill in the bread enhancer department.  Try using less dough and/or drop either the gluten amount  and/or the T-paste.  Lots of experimenting.  You could also try a shorter final proof leaving about an inch of space in the pan when putting into the oven.  

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Is that the top or bottom of the Pullman loaf?  Did you de-pan the loaf promptly after baking? Also, this is a Pullman pan with a top, right?

I've not used on because of concern for moisture getting trapped and making loaf soggy. 

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"I've not used on because of concern for moisture getting trapped and making loaf soggy"

That is not an issue. When the bread is done, turn it out onto the cooling rack as you would any other type of loaf.