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I love baking breads

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I love baking breads


I am Drew from New Zealand.

I enjoy baking bread as both a science and an art :) always working with my hands if possible.

When I started I had terrible times trying to make "healthy loaf recipes", so I started my own research to learn the science behind bread making. Learning what I did wrong and how I can do better.

I am passionate about simple, healthy eating. And am determined to improve the nutrition of the bread I make.

Every mistake I make is a lesson learnt :)

The buns in the picture are some deliciously sticky coconut buns :D

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the hadster

Looks like your cooking for a crowd!  


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Heheh I didn't mean to!
That batch lasted us almost a week! Even after sharing with friends.


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Bread gives nearly limitless opportunities for learning, so make yourself at home here.

Would you be so kind as to share the recipe for the sticky buns?


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Thankyou Paul.

I would be delighted to :)

It's actually a Samoan family recipe that someone has graciously shared here:

I adjusted for 4 cups of flour to make that batch (which made more than enough for family/friends).

The buns are actually cooked in the sauce, and they expand quite a lot while cooking so it pays not to pack them in too tightly or they'll push all the sauce out. (I ended up cooking some more sauce on the stove afterwards to compensate for the loss)

I will definitely be baking these again but may adjust it a little as I found the very wet dough quite difficult to work with (may be my inexperience though), so I would love to hear how it goes if you do try it out!



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fellow kiwi here.  Lots of great information on this site and friendly helpful folks.

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Thankyou for the welcome!

I'm already seeing there is a wealth of great information here. I'm looking forward to getting to know folks as I learn :)


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And hello from an Anzac (well not really an actual Anzac but ya know what we mean) and expat keep on baking !