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Holiday bread

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Holiday bread


We've been away  visiting family in Switzerland (with a side trip to Ireland) for. the last couple of months.  While there I  couldn't resist having a try with Swiss flour etc.  So a niece had a rye starter that I was able to use.  I just used  30% rye flour and the rest the white bread flour.  just a basic 1:2:3 loaf. Funny baking in someone else's kitchen, using an unknown starter, unfamiliar flours and equipment and oven.  

I did a 30 minute autolyse, 4 stretch and folds and bulk ferment at room temperature.  I was late starting and would have preferred a slightly longer BF.   but it was getting late so shaped and as there was no rice flour, dusted teatowel with rolled oats and popped into the fridge over night. Next morning let it warm up as I thought it was not proofed enough.  I had bought a Baumalu cast iron roaster to bring home so baked using that, 15 mins lid on, 15 mins lid off.

the taste was a little stronger than my usual bread, but for a first try with such unknown ingredients etc I was happy.  Sister in law happy too!



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This is a loaf to be proud of and the fact you did it without familiar ingredients and kitchen tools is amazing! Looks delicious!

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it sounds like an equally great trip!  I've been wondering where you were, and am glad to hear that you've been busy out enjoying the world and life.

You really should be proud of that result even if it had been made at home - it really looks (and I bet, tastes) great!

I hope you and yours continue to enjoy the trip, and that you get more chances for some happy baking!

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I don't think you could expect much more than this using unfamiliar flour in someone else s kitchen.  Crumb looks very nice and open.

Happy Baking!


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makes you realise how comfortable you get with your own space!  A previous visit had stimulated much conversation between myself and the niece in question. This lead to her and a brother doing sourdough workshops in Switzerland.  Both are now very obsessed with SD.  A family gathering resulted in both making sd loaves along with another sister who is not yet into sd and prefers yeasted loaves. Here is a photo of the bread at the gathering. none of these is mine though! just happy to have been part of their fun.  


I managed to convince my niece that she can leave her starter in the fridge without feeding for more than a week! I have brought home with me some of the niece's starter and have successfully baked here at home (more of that later)

It has been good eating other breads in Switzerland and soda bread in Ireland.

thanks for the comments everyone - it is good to be back :)