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Baguette big league

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Baguette big league

BOOMSHANKA ! Pretty happy with these :)

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Well done, sir - those look pretty damned amazing.

Apparently all of these months of perfecting techniques, and carefully choosing ingredients, and learning how to get the best results from your oven, and maybe obsessing a wee tiny bit (?!) has paid off.  I wonder if the change in season giving you another challenge, and the resulting detour in to canele perfection, maybe gave you a much needed break and a chance to step back and get a different perspective.  These are truly the best yet.

I wish you blogged these instead of having them as separate posts --- since the list of blogs all together would be a good example to newcomers of just how much dedication and effort it can take to get this kind of wonderful result (and they wouldn't be so disappointed when their first tries don't look so good...).

Incredible job, sir - can't wait for the crumb shot!

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That blogging would create a sort of story line. Now you got me thinking about going through and making a blog of the last year so that progression can be seen - as you point out it's very true that sometimes we find a post of second third etc try at certain loaves usually hints that there's a bit of mid understanding just how long it takes. Honestly however from my perspective the more challenging the more fun in some cases.

On a related note both of my brothers and myself have slaved at pizza joints and we all know that slinging a good pie is just a matter of repetition and it's the same here with baguettes - just a lot of repetition, failures and small successes along the way. I'd say that in order to get good results 500 loaves is a good round number to expect (unless of course you are a prodigy) but in the end it's sure worth it. So glad you mentioned blogs - I may try to compile a good set of photos and maybe make a single big thread - also really want to do a video too. More than anything else tfl has been amazing thanks to the community - ya'll are rock stars !!!

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Lazy Loafer

So, are you retiring now? :) Or moving on to, oh, I don't know, the perfect whole wheat sandwich loaf? :D