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A little bit of rye

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A little bit of rye

Had some leftover I need to get rid of, sooo....

Took my most recent recipe and added the rye on top - then calculated 70% hydration for the water.

The wet dough looks and feels about like the previous loaf so hopefully things will work out. Rising for three hours, then mix and stretch w/ the usual ingredients...


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to be at the point where you can toss together a "fast loaf", or just grab whatever is leftover in the pantry, get the hydration close with a guess, and then hit the right feel --- and feel comfortable that you are going to end up with a good loaf of bread that is going to taste a gazillion times better than any store-bought loaf. 

Considering how short a time it has been that you have been playing with bread, you should feel pretty proud of how far you have come! 

Hope that the move goes smoothly, and that you have some great new local sources for different grains and ovens and add-ins to continue your experiments!

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...I'm a bit more confident. I'm not sure about the exact selection of ingredients where we are moving, but the ovens are all gas (and small) so I'm hoping to make a lot of bread for not a lot of money!

I also hope to visit this place at some point. This is in the city where we will be living. Talk about rustic!

TACHIHUAL | Pan Artesanal (Ajijic, Jalisco)