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Honey Currant Sourdough with Toasted Bulgur and Seeds.

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Honey Currant Sourdough with Toasted Bulgur and Seeds.


I was looking for ideas on what to make this weekend and came across TomK's loaf by the same name. My recipe is not exactly the same but it is very similar. Thanks Tom for your post!


1. Toast in a frying pan, 50 g bulgur, 50 g Hemp hearts, and 25 g Sesame seeds. 

2. Soak all above with 100 g dried Currants, 30 g honey and 200 g of hot water. I let soak overnight. 

3. Autolyse all above with 550 g unbleached flour, 50 g freshly ground flax, 150 g freshly ground red fife, 150 g freshly ground Selkirk wheat, 102 g multigrain flour, and 660 g water. Let sit for a couple of hours.

4. Mix in 20 g salt, 50 g organic yogurt and 266 g of 80% levain. Add 5 g of water if needed. I used pinching and folding to integrate everything really well.

5. Do 3 sets of folds roughly 30 minutes apart and let rise till double. This took a little over 5 hours.

6. Divide into 3 portions. Do a preshape, let rest 10-15 minutes and then shape tightly into boules. Place in bannetons and cover.

7. Proof for 10-12 hours in a cold fridge.

8. Preheat oven with Dutch ovens to 475 F for at least 45 minutes. Place boules in Dutch ovens lined with parchment paper rounds and bake covered at 450 F for 25 minutes. Remove lids, drop temperature to 425 F, and bake for a further 20-22 minutes. 

9. Cool a couple of hours before slicing and enjoying with some butter. :-)


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Lechem (not verified)

...and never even heard of hemp hearts. contender for the next bake on my list. Now where to find hemp hearts?

Looks wonderful Danni.

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in my local bulk store. They aren't cheap though! I have seen them in health food store too. 

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I just had lunch and now my mouth is watering again just from reading about your bread.  Sheesh!


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Looks wonderful and must be tasty as well.

Well done and happy baking Danni!


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Your loaves consistently look amazing.. have the most interesting combinations.. and like Paul above, make me hungry! Wow.. question: what's your favorite seed combination/recipe? You probably have made more seeded dough's than anyone i "know", so thought to ask.... i haven't baked for a while and thought I'd make a seeded dough when i get back home next week so am looking for an idea(s).. 

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Now that's a hard one to decide! In the added fruit ones, probably the Cranberry raisin pecan cinnamon; with the plain seeds, the MutantSpace honey oat variation loaf; those are probably my two favourite loaves so far although this week's is pretty darn good. 

I learn something with each one. I found that adding butter or yogurt gives me a more tender crust which most people like. I found that adding honey give a tiny bit more sweetness to the loaf. I found that adding ground flax allows me to have a wetter dough initially, which allows for easier mixing but then the dough tighten up like a dough if lower hydration and makes for much easier shaping, plus you get a good dose of those omega 3s. I also learned that cinnamon impedes yeast growth and although that was probably the best tasting fruit loaf, it didn't have the oven spring or the more open crumb that I usually get. Oh and I learned that when soaking wild rice , you need to add some buckwheat to counteract phytates.

So each new recipe incorporates what I learned, what I have in the fridge where I keep my stash of seeds and dried fruit, and what my friends are asking for since I do sell a few loaves to them. I also still bake 3 loaves each week for a local soup kitchen and the money I get from selling to friends goes to them as well. 

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It's nice to see how you use the hemp hearts in this one --- and this looks like another winning flavour combination that would really highlight their fresh and grassy notes.

That's great that you are finding the time again to be baking for your friends and donations, too.  Healthy, hearty, beautiful, and delicious --- you definitely give the best.

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Another beauty!

Great looking loaf and I'm sure this tastes fantastic.

Happy baking.