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Honey Spelt Porridge Sourdough with Toasted Seeds

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Honey Spelt Porridge Sourdough with Toasted Seeds

One of my friends told me that the Honey Oat bread with Seeds that was derived from MutantSpace's post was the best loaf I had made so far, so I decided to repeat it but using Spelt instead. I was a bit concerned that the Spelt might make it ferment too fast but I lucked out and it behaved itself. The loaves were beautifully proofed when I took them out of the fridge this morning. And on to the recipe:

1. Toast 60 g each of sesame seeds and sunflower seeds. 

2. Soak the seeds from above with 180 Spelt flakes, 72 g honey, 50 g butter and 288 g of boiling water. Let cool to room temperature.

3. Autolyse all above with 440 g water, 60 g fresh ground flax, 440 g unbleached flour, 160 g fresh ground Spelt, and 161 g multigrain flour. Let sit for an hour or so. 

4. Mix in 20 g salt and 212 g of 80% hydration levain. My levain is a four stage levain using mostly wholegrain rye. 

5. Ferment doing three sets of folds a half hour apart and let rise till double. This took 5 hours in a warm place (~ 82F). 

6. Divide into 3 portions of 745 g each and preshape. After a 10-15 minute rest, shape them and put into bannetons. Cover the bannetons with Bowl covers and place in the fridge overnight. 

7. After 10 hours, preheat oven and Dutch ovens to 475F. Place parchment rounds in ovens and drop loaves seam side up in hot Dutch ovens. Drop temperature to 450F and bake covered for 25 minutes. Remove lids and bake a further 20 minutes at 425F Or until well browned. 

Let cool completely before bagging or slicing. 


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Really? Don't you get tired of making such great looking bread?! Let's see the crumb?  And.. how did it taste?!


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I enjoy coming up with ideas or getting inspiration from others and then seeing how they turn out. My happiness all comes down to oven spring since they all tastes pretty good!

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Lechem (not verified)

I just love a spelt and honey loaf and with the added seeds as well! Looking forward to the crumb shot. 

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Amazingly tender crumb and it is delicious!

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this one is a winner for sure.  

Love the moist open crumb and perfect crust.  

Happy Baking.


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crumb, crust, and (of course) flavour!  The combination of the light nuttiness of spelt with a good honey, along with the moisture from the porridge is definitely a winner.

One of these days I'm going to have to come and take lessons from you on how to make them look as great as they taste...

All the best to you and yours!

(and I hope that golden fuzzy butt is behaving itself and getting some swim time in)