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Recent breads

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Recent breads

I have been doing pretty much the same loaf every week, so the pictures are a bit repetitive by now. Here are some samples during June and July. Texture is about the same on each. Fairly dense, didn't rise a lot. Flour was about 50/50 bread/whole wheat mix.

June 3


June 11


June 17


July 1


July 9


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What is your formula and procedure?  I think with a couple of adjustments you can get a less dense bread with more lift.

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I don't have the recipe with me, but it's basically 150g of nmnf starter, 500g of flour, 350g of water + 65g fruit and 65g of nuts. Pinch of salt.

I've been going pretty heavy with the whole wheat, but now that I am out of that flour I expect my next loaf to be pretty lofty! We are moving to Mexico in about six weeks so I was just trying to use up my existing flour stock.