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Roquefort cheese - rye bread

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Roquefort cheese - rye bread

Did anyone hear the discussion on The Splendid Table on NPR today? Seems they (the people in the Roquefort Valley) used to harvest their own rye and make huge rye loaves which were left in the caves until they were moldy, and this mold made the Roquefort cheese blue. As usual I missed a few bits here and there, and I thought they were still doing it this way but I googled it and it seems that was the old way. I did catch that the loaves were left until they had about fallen in on themselves - really moldy! Another scrap of trivia but I thought the rye bakers would be interested, A.

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Link to PodCast

Roquefort segment starts at 22:30

The part about the rye bread starts at 26:55