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Ciabatta - dense crumb

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Ciabatta - dense crumb

Hello everyone! I have some problems with my ciabatta.That is Suas  Poolish Ciabatta  from advanced bread and pastry book.I mix 6-8m with slap & fold and 2 folds at 45m during bulk ferment, bulk was ok, fina proof also dough was very gasy after 30m at 27C, but when I flipped it maybe degass it too much I dont know, tried to be gentle as possible.I bake on preheated baking sheet and maybe dont have enough bottom heat to that final bloom to get nice crumb structure.My ciabatta never have enough volume.Tried  to increase mixing time tried also no knead method only by S&F and result everytime is thigh crumb.

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Notice the edges of your loaf have a more open crumb. This is probably because the heat is entering at that point and inflating the gas pockets fast enough before the loaf has set its final shape. The bottom has barely any inflation so your stone, tray, whatever is not transferring heat quickly enough. No amount of pressure adjustments will have much influence on the inner most crumb, but what will is a fast injection of heat - you need to get it to the center much faster - the gas is already there and patting down will only pop larger unwanted cavities. The little ones stick around and will work their magic providing and fast introduction of temperature. I think its a bit of a myth that pressure on the dough affects crumb, we pay down to eliminate and create uniformity in gas pockets, not to size them and control the crumb, that's what the oven is for and generally speaking the crumb has taken its final structure once the loaf has caramelized and hardened, the remaining time is cooking tine. Good luck !