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Lamination help – Thicker layers?

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Lamination help – Thicker layers?

How does chef Bedros Kabranian (@bagarebedros on Instagram) achieve such perfect, discrete, and, it appears, slightly thicker-than-usual layers?

Here's a link to his Instagram, you'll see what I mean.

I'm undaunted by at-home lamination (I've made puff pastry before) but I'd love to try and replicate what he does in terms of thickness. I imagine this makes for wonderfully crunchy layers on the outside with still a soft, airy croissant crumb on the inside.

What do you reckon his secret is, though? Is it fewer folds in the dough preparation process (two tri-folds instead of 3)? I'm just fascinated by this!

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May I ask how much more flour you added? And did your final bakes look like Kabranian's?

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Mini Oven

I would take a blind guess as wonder if a light touch of sugar was involved but the obvious stickiness is absent.

That has to be one of the best pictures of laminated bread porn I've seen.  I can understand your need to emulate.  Just look at the texture!   :)

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It's more a matter of the layers stair-stepping back from the edge of the cut surface as the dough expanded.  The "thicker" layers are the exposed flat surface of those layers, not their cross section.   Or so it appears to me.  

Beautiful indeed.