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Homage à Hansjoakim

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Homage à Hansjoakim

I baked two breads this week (so far). It wasn't until I was well into the process that I realized both were originally posted by Hansjoakim a few years ago. Both are leavened with rye sour.

"Hansjoakim's Favorite 70% Rye"

"Hansjoakim's Favorite 70% Rye" Crumb


Pain au Levain with Rye Sour

The Pain au Levain is still cooling and hasn't been sliced.

Both of these breads are uncomplicated to make yet fabulously delicious. The formulas for both can be found on TFL. They are highly recommended.

Happy baking!



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Lechem (not verified)

Very big success all round. Enjoy!

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rye breads but haven't seen him around TFL for a while....These have to be tasty and they look great inside and out.  Just lovely.  Well done and happy baking David

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I don't have any of Hansjoakim's breads bookmarked, but I'm going to check out his blog page now.              Nice baking, marybeth

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I'm having some internet connection problems, and somehow they keep showing up twice.

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...for the third time. Once I got started, I wanted to see every page. I miss him already, and he had already stopped posting before I even became a member! Amazing and inspiring. I really enjoy going back and revisiting some of the old posts & recipes. Thank you for the referral.  marybeth

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Hello David,

I conversed with you, few years back, when I started sourdough baking.  One day on your blog, you had some baker, french person , and she was talking about her own baking formula; it included flour , water and I think sour culture amounts. I did have it , but somehow lost it. 

Do you think,there is possibility to find it on your file? 

Thank you,