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Sunday Poolish Pizza

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Sunday Poolish Pizza

It has been a while since we made pizza and this is a shame after having it again on Sunday.  We have made Giant Strides in making pizza the past couple of years.  Once we had Biaco’s pizza. the best in the USA, we knew exactly what to do take ours to another level that more than rivals Chris Boaco’s masterpieces.

We had additional firepower in that we used the last of our home grown, heirloom cherry tomatoes to make the sauce this time to go along with the home smoked smoked sausage, onions and crimini mushrooms.  The very thin pepperoni was smoked but done elsewhere half a good as we would have smoked it.   The dough had our usual sundried tomatoes, fresh garlic and fresh rosemary in it.

The 10% pre-fermented flour, Albertsons bread flour, at 100% hydration with a pinch of Instant yeast made for the 4 hour poolish.  We added half Lafama AP and half Albertson’s flour for the dough and brought the hydration down to 70% with 2% sea salt, olive oil and sugar.  The EVOO and sugar are there to get the dough to brown properly in the 8 minutes it is in the 550 F oven.

The gluten is developed with 3 sets of slap and folds on 30 minute intervals and 2 sets of stretch and folds. The slops were 50, 20 and 10 and the stretches were from the major compass points.  The add ins went in on the least set of slap and folds

 As some as the gluten development as done, we oiled a bowl and put the dough in it to retard for 24 hours.  Do not forget this step if you want a dough that is flavorful and extensible but strong enough not to tear when making the pie.

We took the dough out fo the fridge 3 hours before we wanted to stretch it out.  1 hour after warming up we divided it into (3) 250 g pieces for 3 pies and let it proof on the counter for 2 more hours.  This dough stretched easily but we rolled it because we love our alligator rolling pin that is perfect for this. 

The only fresh topping was some fresh mozzarella and the red and orange peppers.  We had a blend of Parm, smoked provolone, asiago, Romano and mozzarella for the base cheese with fresh grated Romano and basil for garnish.

This pizza was thin, crisp and killer - as good as you can get anywhere on the planet.  We have cut down on the topping thickness and increased the flavor dramatically,  Now Chris Bianco has something to shoot for:-)  The next step is to make it on our temporary WFO brick oven so stay tuned.

It's not all about pizza.  Gumbo and cheesecake are OK too


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That's all I have to say.


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*=P~ drooling*=P~ drooling*=P~ drooling


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All of the above! We have also stepped up our pizza program here at home. It's almost sinful, about once a week, but you only live once.  marybeth

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What a work of art!  Almost too good to eat :).  That gumbo and cheese cake looks killer as well.

If it ever stops raining here I may make some pizza on the kettle grill too. Only about 55-60 degrees today in June!

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I am bookmarking this for the next time we make pizza! 

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It's only about 7:30 AM here, but oh, yes! The perfect dough, topped, but not overloaded, and cooked to a light, crisp deliciousness. what a treat anytime of the day! Echoing others... YUM!

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I'm glad you all like it.  I'd like to say it is one of a kind but I totally ripped off Chris Bianco's smoked veggies and sausage.  The cherry tomato spicy sauce and the add ins in the pizza dough put it over the top tough. Thin. crispy and killer it is.  Next up is to get the temporary WF brick oven reconstructed and fired up to make this pizza - That should cap off the pizza quest for sure.

Happy baking to all

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Really nice.

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food in the Western Hemisphere. Glad you like this one Floyd.  There is no picture of the middle pizza because I stabbed it with a fork several times trying to spin it at the 8 minute mark and just ripping it instead.  It stuck to the stone when the cheese melted though in a few spots,  I had to scrape it ff he stone with a spatula at the 8 minute mark.  it looked pretty bad but tasted fine:-),