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50 Percent Sprouted 7 Grain Sourdough

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50 Percent Sprouted 7 Grain Sourdough

It was very strange this week to see a new show called Year Million.  This week’s episode was called.  Hey Dude, Where’s my Body?  It was all about Lucy and my fascination with trans humans and our eventual transition of our brains and identity of who we are to the cloud to become immortal -  getting rid of our weak bodies that get diseased and kill us off today – not to mention cost a fortune to maintain…. only to die.

Transitioning ourselves to the cloud solves many of the world’s ills today.  No more planet despoiling to keep ourselves watered and fed.  No more worries about getting a good education or getting a good job to sustain ourselves and families. No worries about getting sick and dying.  No more poor sick or starving.  You can be whatever you want to be, any day you want to be it creating your own world and existence.  It has an appeal that they claim will be overwhelming.

We are in the beginning of virtual reality and artificial intelligence today.  We will soon be able to transition into Metaverse 1.0 where we can temporarily live in in whatever world we want in the cloud but be able to unplug and return to reality.   Metaverse 2.0 is where you leave your body behind never to return to the reality you left and be forever immersed in whatever world you want.  The question is when and since it isn’t any time soon enough to help Lucy and I out of our old age -  why worry about it?

Last week’s 40 % sprouted rye with walnuts and figs has been a real treat to eat this week for breakfast lunch and dinner.  I even tore up pieces of it and put it, as untoasted croutons, on some green chili chicken stew to sop up the soup.  This week Lucy went back to the whiter side of her pantry and came up with a half white sprouted SD bread.

The sprouted grains were Kamut. rye, spelt, oat, red and white wheat and barley.  After sprouting, we sifted out the bran to make a 100% bran, 100% hydration, 7 grain sprouted levain using 10 g of our just refreshed NMNF rye starter.  After it doubled after the 3rd stage feeding we retarded the levain for 24 hours to bring out the two sour notes.  The levain was 10% pre-fermented sprouted bran.

We stirred it down and left it on the window sill to warm up.  After the levain started to rise again, we autolyzed the rest of the dough flour and enough water to bring the hydration up to 85% for 1 hour with the PH sea salt sprinkled on top.  The bran levain had risen more than 50% when it hit the mix for the first set of 50 slap and folds to get it and the salt well mixed in.

Nothing like a good bacon cheeseburger or baked chicken breasts

We did 2 more sets of 20 slap and folds and 2 sets of stretch and folds from the compass points – all on 30 minute intervals.  We then pre-shaped and shaped the dough and placed it into a rice floured round basket, seam side up, and then bagged it for a 12 hour retard in the fridge for the final proof.

Yes that is a ship Kabob, even if spelled horribly,  and skewered Veggies with Basmati rice and more green veggies 

We took the dough out of the fridge to warm up a bit and fired up the oven to 500 F preheat with the combo cooker inside.  The dough looked to be fully proofed, instead of the 85% we like, so we didn’t expect huge spring and bloom.  We un-molded the dough, onto parchment, on a peel and then slashed the dough tic-tack-toe style before siding it into the combo cooker for 20 minutes of covered steam at 450 F.

After the lid came off, we continued to bake at 425 F convection for 15 minutes until the boule was nicely brown and 209 F on the inside.  It sprang and bloomed like we expected with some blistering making for a handsome loaf.  We will have to see what it looks like on the inside later today but expect it to nice even without the spring.  Don’t forget that today is national doughnut day – one of Lucy’s favorite days of the year.

The crumb was open, soft and moist - more open than we thought it would be for sure.  It is hearty; healthy and just plain delicious.  Can't wait to have it as toast and in a sandwich tomorrow.  Thi sis Lucy's new favorite sprouted grain bread and I have to agree woth her and can see why it is so good.


10% Pre-fermented sprouted 7 grain bran, 2 stage levain at 100% hydration that is retarded for 24 hours


40% Sprouted high extraction 7 grain flour

50% Albertson’s bread flour

85% Overall hydration using water

2$ Pink Himilayan sea salt

How about some salads for Lucy



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Trevor J Wilson

I'm not sure that copying ourselves to the cloud solves the problem of our weak and fragile bodies. From our copy's point of view perhaps, but what of the original you? You will still be stuck in the same 'ol body. 

It seems to me then that the solution lies with stopping/reversing the aging process. Fortunately, by the time we have the tech to copy ourselves to the cloud we'll probably also have the tech to reverse aging. So your cloud-copy can do its thing while you-in-your-body can do your thing. Win win. And who knows, with the exponentially accelerating rate of technological change, these things might happen sooner than we expect. There's a chance yet that you may live to become transhuman after all!

Oh, and beautiful loaf!



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is evolve mankind into an new non biological species that doesn't have, want or need bodies.  It would be interesting to think about what would happen to our old bodies though.  Cremating them would be a waste but turning them into animal food to feed our left behind pets after we are gone would be worthy.

The problem with the Earth is that we continue to overpopulate it, destroy it to feed and water ourselves and spoil it with our waste - we have no predators efficient enough to keep our population in check.  The reason we do this is because of our too many bodies - they have to be fed, they have to have work to make money to survive.  Curing illness will only make things much, much worse going forward. 

Jobs are already being lost to technology at staggering rates.  Jobs aren't being sent overseas to cheaper labor markets like in the past.  They are being destroyed for everyone, everywhere by technology and those in charge of it.  If you to know who is killing all the jobs just look at Google, Apple and every other technology company.  In the next 25 years, 40% of all jobs will be lost to robots but we will have to produce 50% more food for people who have no jobs to support themselves or pay for themselves.

Who will pay the freight for these people....... and for how long..... when a better life, without actually living,  awaits them in the cloud where they can be anything they want to be for virtually no cost to anyone at all and no cost to the planet as well,  Those that are paying the freight for everyone else will move things along to the cloud very fast because they will be the first to go to their own special, enhanced, limited access cloud not for anyone else.  That will leave the rest to either go to their own personally created Nirvana of their choosing in the cloud or die a horrible death.  It will be an easy choice once they experience their own cloud.

It is a 7 billion win win for everyone.  But there will be a need for a few people to stay behind to keep the robots designing new hardware and software, to keep improving the cloud, fixing hardware and software problems and supplying enough electricity for the servers.

The bread is delicious though but would taste much better in my cloud I am sure:-)

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Trevor J Wilson

How does one separate mind from body? The conscious from the material? How do you extract all your thoughts, memories, personality, etc. from your body, leaving nothing behind but an empty shell? I don't see it happening. Copying yourself I can see. From your copy's point of view, you've left the body and exist entirely in the cloud. Woohoo!

But at the moment that copy is created, it ceases to be you. It becomes its own unique entity. From its point of view, the transition from body to cloud is seamless. It feels that it's still you. But at that moment its experiences split from yours. Different experiences create a different entity. It's no longer you. It's You 2.0.

I see no problem with "ending" mortality. Since we're speaking of a (perhaps not so) distant hi-tech future, I'm assuming that the problems associated with supporting a large population will also be solved. Not enough food? Replicators, a la Star Trek, should fix that. Lab grown meat is already on its way. Imagine the positive down-stream effects that could have on the environment. Not to mention near-term solutions such as vertical farming and controlled-environment agriculture. Add to that the nearly free energy derived from fusion power, and I don't see population being a limiting factor (and even it was, we'll have Mars and more to colonize). Efficiency will increase, and even our waste will become a useful commodity (though genetic engineering may improve our bodily efficiency as well, meaning less actual waste). 

In the near-term, the loss of jobs to AI/robots will be painful. In the long-term, the transfer of labor to non-humans will be freeing. Money won't be an issue. Decentralization, the end of nation-states, and the rise of alternative currency (cryptocurrencies are just the beginning) will eventually bring an end to centrally-created fiat currency. Money, as we know it now, will be revealed for the farce that it is. Reputation, attentionality, and exclusive information will be the wealth of the day. Jobs-for-money will be a relic of the past. Blockchain is already laying the groundwork for a decentralized future without the need of parasitic middlemen and central government. Power will be divested from the few to the many. In the future, capitalism will seem as antiquated as feudalism does to us now. 

Enhanced humans will live in a world with blurred lines between reality and virtual/augmented reality. Consider it an entirely new reality. All "things" will be intelligent and connected (think Internet of Things on steroids). There's no reason to ever flee our bodies. Why live entirely in the cloud when you can exist in both? Why limit your experience to only half of reality? Why leave your body as pet food when you can just implant the latest neural lace into your dog and get to know Rover on an entirely new level? 

I do accept that there may be copies -- maybe many multiple copies -- of ourselves floating around the cloud. For them, it will be a wild world. But even they will not be content to exist solely within the cloud. They will have mechanical and/or biological avatars (along with their virtual avatars) with which they can interact in the "real" world. Likewise, we-the-original will co-exist in the virtual world. But whereas they exist in the cloud and interact through their avatars (their "bodies"), we will exist in (and because of) our bodies and interact in the cloud. You can access the cloud, but never exist entirely within it. 

The problem is that we are our bodies. Your subjective experience is that of your body. What are you without your body? Your copies may (or may not) do just fine without a body. But that's not you. Your gift and your curse is your body. You and your body are just two sides of the same coin. One cannot separate from the other. That's why your copies cease to be you. The continual chain of subjective experience is broken (from your body's point of view). You will never be able to remove the information from your brain (leaving behind an empty shell) because that information is your brain (and every other part of you). You are what you are. You're stuck. 

But as I see it, that's just fine. We are creatures of the body. It's just how it was meant to be. If technology can one day "correct" the limitations of the body, then we can have the best of both worlds -- the virtual and the real. In a sense, they will be one and the same. Only the technicalities will differentiate them. So while transhuman dabrownman may never be able to truly leave his body to wander the realms of the virtual world, he will be able to bring those virtual wonders within himself -- within his own enhanced and "perfected" body. And that's pretty damn cool. 





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The National Geographic Channel.  This was episode 3.  Menu of the things you are talking about were in episode 2 called Never Say Die and n Episode 1 titled Home Sapien 2.0  Episode 4 is next Wednesday and called Mind Meld where mental telepathy will be explored in some unusual ways.  It is nice to have a TV series that is interesting for a change.

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You really got a great crumb on that loaf. It doesn't get better than that!

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on last week's bread instead since I made some salmon cream cheese spread from this week's left over grilled salmon.  So I will have to wait for lunch to make  meal of this bread,  But I did munch on a plain slice yesterday and it was delicious.  You would like it Danni.  Hope you are back to retired baking instead of working too!


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My last day was Wednesday and when thinking about what kind of bread to make this weekend, I couldn't settle on just one kind so I am making 4 diffrent ones! I also finally got to play with my anniversary present! Hubby treated me to a Komo Fidibus Classic!!! I have been dying to try it but I just didn't have time. Last night I fired it up and I just love it! 

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appreciates you and the fine bread you make is a special treat for sure!   4 different kinds of bread all at once after a layoff sounds about right too:-)

Have fun with the new toy - your bread just got stepped up a huge notch with technology:-)

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Lazy Loafer

Yes, that does look moist and tasty, especially with all those other good things. I'm afraid I would miss this kind of food experience too much to be happy 'living' virtually. Although it would be nice to have a little memory implant! :)

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in comparison to what we will experience in the cloud.  Our 5 senses are limited by how many nerve endings and computing synapses and limited area of the brain.  In the cloud, these would be virtually unlimited.  You would see, taste, smell, hear and touch much better without the limitations of human biology that keeps us from smelling bread in a lilac or lavander field in France or seeing it in 3 D if we wished because we have never been to France or because our eyes don't see in infrared or 3 D.  On a different level, if you wanted to, just think what being eaten by a tIger would feel like and not die to live another day to be eaten by crocodile :-)

The lure of a virtual anything at anytime that is more sensory powerful by a factor of 100 than any human biological reality can and will be quite overwhelming - once experienced.  Biological 'happiness' just won't be able to compete on any level.

Memory 'outplants' are available on demand now and called Google.  There will soon be implantable if you want but that would be way more expensive and limiting than buying a new pair of cheap Google glasses or Apple watches with the latest greatest whatever.  Eventually 'implants' will be all the rage but quickly forgotten when you can just move to the cloud even temporarily  - like Metaverse 1.0   

For most of us, a good Metaverse  1.0 is too far off much less the  2.0, so we will have to make as many of our own remembered experiences as we can muster today -  as poorly as they will eventually compare to the virtual ones of the future.  That is why doing the best you can and being the best you can be is still so important for most of us - it is all we have..... Glad you liked the bread it smelled great , looked pretty good and tasted just :-) 

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So - the peyote is pretty good this time of year in AZ, is it?  I really don't want to wind up being downloaded from the cloud into someone's smart phone - especially if they have a penchant for listening to disco or oompah music.  Now that would be beyond purgatory for me.  I'm more in the camp of "In The Year 2525" by Zager and Evans, which seems more like the name for a kitchenwares store than a one hit wonder duo.

"Can't wait to have it as toast" rings my bell, that's for sure.

If Lucy can get her mind off doughnuts, get her back to work on that upload/download app for bread.  Me want some!  The crumb looks just dandy.



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enough to grow at home in your closet in a plastic bag.  Why anyone would do that with the nearly free mind expanding variety of designer pills available today is beyond me though.. Modern chemistry has replaced mushroom farming at home it seems.

Lucy has stopped working on the Bread upload and download app since it requires a nuclear reactor to supply the power required for teleportation and has been concentrating on her app that replaces everyone's job instead.  The thought of Google and Apple doing it first just makes her fur crawl and all it requires is lines of code.

There are problems with unloading yourself to the cloud permanently or being able to live forever biologically, but there are way, way fewer of them for the cloud option.  Biology can never rival electrons.

The biggest problem that you touch on is that you can be hacked if your security system was faulty or someone can just turn off the electricity and unplug the battery backup which would only take you down until the power was turned back on and you rebooted yourself.  Being hacked could be more serious if you didn't back yourself up on a different cloud and hackers were not dealt with in a serious way like today.  You wouldn't have to imprison hackers though.  All you would have to do would be to upload them permanently and let them create what ever hacking world they want in the cloud where they can't hurt anyone else.  Oddly, you could create a life anytime you want in the cloud where you were hacked and live a life for as long as you want on how you recovered from it.  

The losing power and it never coming back on is the real killer though.  Every Pharaoh had their tombs robbed except Tut and a couple of others.  Moving to the cloud forever is your tomb and you don't want it robbed, tampered with or destroyed by a wayward asteroid impact but you do want it improved - just like we all want our bread to get better as time goes on.  We will have to hope that technology and robots will handle these pesky issues since humans could never be trusted with them.:-)

In another 40 years there will be a laptop on your desk that will cost less than $1,000 that will be powerful enough to mimic the human brain.  If artificial intelligence coding can keep up with the hardware we should be able to begin exploring Metaverse 1.0 in earnest then.   Sadly, you and I will likely be very dead by then.  At least the kids have something to look forward to since Lucy is gong to replace any work they might do with her app if she lives that long:-).

Happy baking Alan

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Love this one!

What a wonderful moist and open crumb.  Doesn't get much better!  Unfortunately, once you're transferred into the net, you won't be able to taste these wonderful breads nor enjoy that killer cheeseburger!

I'm prepping some porridge for a bake this week tonight.  Was going to mix it up today but spent all day planting our new front bed in the rain.  Was worth all the effort as we are happy with the final result.

Happy Baking and give Lucy a belly rub from Max and Lexi.

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I picked my last Black Russian Cherry Tomato yesterday for pizza sauce last night!  No rain here though and don't expect any expect any until late fall.  The new rock garden front yard doesn't seem to mind and few desert plants are on drip.irrigation so they water themselves.  I need to set up drip for my pot garden in the back yard .  I used to have it set u on drip years ago.

In the cloud you sense of taste will be 10 times better than they are today and your smell will work better than the back ones too so baking in the cloud will be much more rewarding.  You could add concrete and nails to the mix and have it come out smelling like a rose and tasting like a steak if you wanted.  The possibilities are amazing  just think what the flower garden could look like - something that used be beyond your fondest dreams is now an everyday thing and you could change it everyday too - no more wishing those glads were yellow instead of pink.  Sadly, we won't live to see it though.

Glad you liked the bread Ian and hope your porridge bread comes out well too.  Lucy hoes to meet the black ones in the cloud one day or every day for that matter.

Happy baking