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New Leader Book on the way

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New Leader Book on the way

Pardon me if this has already been reported. I received a holiday greeting from Bread Alone and it contained a reference to a new book by Daniel. Not necessarily of that much interest to folks here.


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Hi Dolf!  I'd love Leader to get the last book corrected before I buy a new one. 


Actually I have this one called Simple Italian Sandwiches:


I haven't made anything from the book yet but it is a beautifully put together book and contains recipes from the veritable food god Mario Batali's restaurants "Ino" and "Inoteca" which sold me in the first place. Batali has a line on the back of the book that states he has eaten every single recipe in the book not as a paid consultant but as a fan and a chef.  (I love Batali...hehe.) 


The book looks to have some really wonderful recipes if anyone is interested in panini.  I am, I just haven't taken the time to make them yet!  But I will.