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Questions about bakeries- customers, patterns, purchases, revenue...?

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Questions about bakeries- customers, patterns, purchases, revenue...?

hey everybody! I'm new here, and its such an awesome community! I hope I'm posting this in the right place...

I am a culinary student, majoring in baking and pastry. I am writing a business plan for my thesis and looking for some primary personal sources and direct information from people involved in the bakery (specifically cookie/brownies/bar sales) industry. I'd appreciate any help at all, and not all the questions need to be answered ;-)  

How many people do you estimate visit your shop daily or monthly? 

How has customer traffic changed since opening? Better or worse? Changed to online sales or added online sales 

How many people do you estimate are regular customers? 

What are the typical purchase per customer in terms of number of items, type of food, flavor etc...? 

How do you handle accounting? Do you use QuickBooks? Is it a daily routine? Do you hire an accountant monthly?  

Approximately what is your gross revenue per year? 

Thank you so much!

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On this site you will primarily find home bakers and smaller commercial bakers. The Bread Bakers Guild of America is a site that has a few serious home bakers (SHB) and a lot of commercial bakers, small and large.

Not to imply that you won't get some response here but the site might be more fruitful. Paid subscriptions are the norm at bbga but if you email the webmaster you might be able to negotiate a visitor's pass.



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Thank you Jim!

Will check out The Bread Bakers Guild of America.