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Daybreak Mill 12 Grain Sourdough

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Daybreak Mill 12 Grain Sourdough

My bread baking over the Easter weekend was a disaster! I baked the loaves I was making too soon; I panicked when I saw how quickly they were rising in the fridge so I baked them that evening instead of waiting till the next morning. They didn't have great oven spring at all.

Then I was making cornmeal buns for dinner and I managed to burn the bottoms of all of them. My daughter came to the rescue and made Prospector Buns which were awesome!

So I did another bake yesterday morning because I had promised my daughter that I would make more bread for one of her friends. That turned out to be a bit of a panic during the baking because my brother called me in to work for him at the last minute (Twit had a stroke and went to work anyhow. By the way, he got lucky and has no deficits aside from his left peripheral vision and he got diagnosed with atrial fibrillation), So hubby got instructions on how to finish my bake. Loaves are beautiful and I am very happy with them. 

So I am back at work full time for likely a month or more. I need to get my brain back into school mode. Ha ha!

So here is the recipe... nothing too complicated this time!

1. Soak 150 g of Daybreak Mill 12 grain cereal in 200 g of boiling water. Cool and add 40 g organic yogurt. 

2. Autolyse all above with 550 unbleached flour, 402 g multigrain flour and 525 g water for a couple of hours. 

3. Mix in 22 g salt and 266 g of levain. I think my levain was closer to 90% hydration. It was leftover levain from my weekend bake that I had thrown in the fridge so it had been retarded there for a couple of days. 

4. Do four series of folds 30 minutes apart and then let rise till double. 

5. Divide into three ~700 g loaves, preshape and rest 15 minutes. Do final shape (I really degas my dough) and place in bannetons. 

6. Proof in fridge overnight and bake as usual the next morning. (You can check my other recent loaves for baking instructions if needed)

I am very pleased with these loaves. They look like Danni bread, not like those flat alien things that came out of my oven on the weekend! ;-)


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Sorry to hear about your baking disaster. I think most of us have experienced and know the disheartening feeling well. But hey, at least you had a subsequent success. Your 12 grain looks delicious!  Since I'm a big fan of them, I'll always commend any version of multigrain / cereal sourdough. 

Happy baking,

Mr. Zita

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a minor stroke.  My twin refused to take any action for his diabetes, way worse than  mine as a result.  He had a diabetic stroke and was lucky to live through it. Paralyzed left side. slurred speech and he still walks with a cane and ir walker after some time now.  I just have a limp:-)

Nothing like a good multi-grain porridge SD success to count your blessings.  That hubby should get a gold star pasted on his forehead and handed a cold beer if you ask me.  Your bread looks grand as usual.

Well done and happy baking Danni

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your brother - and thank goodness that he did finally go for treatment and that you and your family are there to back him up!

I feel for you on having a few bakes go wrong all at once (snowball effect --- it really IS a thing), but isn't it great to know that your "standard" bake is so solid that your husband can step in as needed and all will come out well?!  That's a lovely looking loaf here, and I have no doubt that you'll be sending out your usual standard even while trying to work full time again.

All the best to you and  yours!

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about my brother. It means a lot to me! He continues to freak out the doctors and nursing staff due to his heart rate. He, however, doesn't feel a thing and is lounging around. 

It was pretty hilarious to see the doctor coming skidding into the room yelling she was going to take his phone away cause his heart rate was through the roof. It wasn't the phone, a friend had brought some essential oils and I guess his heart didn't like them. He, on the other hand, was laughing and joking around and feeling and acting totally normal! He is probably stuck in the hospital until the doctors can figure out what us going on.

Meanwhile, it means that big sis (me) is replacing him at his job. Convenient for him and the school board to have a retired sister who happens to have been a principal and can step into his shoes as a vice principal!

So this means I probably won't be spending as much time posting on TFL but I will still be reading and hopefully baking!

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no longer retired teacher -  a nice combination.  Now if I can get my wife to retire from teaching after 40 years......and not take up baking:-)  I'm going to teach her brewing instead and see if she takes to it - fingers crossed

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you just might have some luck with that. Then you would have your own supply of spent grains and you might change your mind about how they taste in bread!