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website becoming unusable

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website becoming unusable

Due to ad software that is forcing the site to redirect after a few seconds, this website is sadly becoming unusable. :-(

At first I was able to overcome the issues by:

Stopping the webpage load after the first few seconds
Using multiple browsers
Restricting data/cookies
Reinstalling the browser software

These solutions all worked for a short time, but some ad software is somehow very aggressive and these solutions are no longer working. It's only with this site and the problem now exists across multiple browsers. 

I know I'm not the only experiencing this, but it has finally become unmanageable.

Sad. Hope it gets worked out soon!

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You should really be using an ad blocker.

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Lazy Loafer

Yes, I had to install ad blocker software a while back, as I was also unable to use the site. I'm sorry that Floyd doesn't get the ad revenue anymore, but I enjoy this site so much it was either that or stop using it. :(

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I emailed Floyd a link to this thread.  As I've said before, I'd pay to have this site work better.

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Sadlyy, the issue can be hard to diagnose.

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I haven't experienced anything like that on any of our machines but if I did I would try another browser or at least check if there is an update for the browser I am using.  It sounds like an issue with your software otherwise it would be a widespread problem.


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As far as I know all reports have been from US Windows users. Both Chrome and IE (not sure about Firefox). I'm not sure if that is because of geographic ad targeting, a technology issue, or just that a lot of folks match those conditions.

It sounds like a JS issue: I never approve takeover ads, but there are ads that use document.writes to lazy load into existing ad spaces after the page loads. My hunch is that one of those is failing in some particular circumstances and the ad gets written full screen rather than into the targeted slot.

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Lazy Loafer

I use Firefox on Windows 10, and I'm in Canada. I haven't had the problem for a while because I had to install ad blocker last year just to be able to load TFL and do anything.

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If the ad uses document.write after the page loads it's going to rewrite the document completely. Using document.innerHTML to append into the element might fix it, without seeing the source my guess is the ad is expecting to be loaded into an iframe so it was written using document.write.

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 Hubby is a web developer. Maybe with that info he can help me. I don't mind the ads and happy to help support the site with my impressions, but can't  manage it.

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I'm a developer too. The ad code isn't mine though.

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Yeah, I think you are correct. I wasn't providing a literal detailed diagnosis w/ the document.write, just trying to explain that it is trying to fill in a box rather  do an overlay. I've never knowingly approved overlays here.

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Once it starts happening it happens 100% of the time.  And it's always the same ad for me. I would think your ad exchange would rotate the ads. No?

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I would think so, which is why this issue tends to go away. I've also been clearing the js cache here more often hoping that that might purge whatever is causing trouble for some people.

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and iPhone it was so bad I thought I had a virus. I use the safari browser.  all the redirect ads only happened on this site. So I reset both devises last week. I Since re-setting, it's only happened once.  But now I'm very hesitate to browse and log on.  

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a problem using Safari with AdBlock.

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I use Apple and Safari browser.  I have have not experienced the described problem.


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I had the identical problem with Google Chrome and with IE.

You need ad blocker software--that solved it for me.

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Rube Goldberg

Works great. I'm sorry It doesn't help Floyd pay for the site but it kills the ads. I agree that without the ad blocker the site is too annoying to use.

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I have never had a problem using Firefox or any of the other browsers. I do have ad blockers on all of them.

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One, paid subscription without ads.  Two, free with ads?  That would preserve TFL's free-to-any accessibility and allow those who are annoyed by the ads way to avoid them. 

I've no idea of the complexity involved, nor of the potential effect on revenues.  Just thinking out loud...


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but do like your idea so that newbies can access for free.


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I would probably expect the site to have some smoother functionality in order to be willing to pay for a subscription. I have no complaints about it as since it's free (well other than the ads that make navigation impossible), but having a former career in this sort of thing, you want to make sure you can make the money before going this route. I'd say it would require quite a bit of further development based on my experience.

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Yes, I broke down and installed one. Sorry, Floyd. If you resolve the problem, please let me know and I'll remove it again. I don't like to think I'm using this site without contributing to your ad revenue, but since I wouldn't be able to use the site without it, I guess you're no worse off.

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I use Mozilla Firefox and AdBlock Plus. I have not experienced problems since installing the ad blocker.

hope this helps,


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Whatever the technical reason, visitors to this site are installing ad blockers, which means the ads aren't making impressions and the site isn't getting paid.

Kind of counterproductive.

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prior to installing my ad blocker, i had a similar problem as bread babies has. the ad was large and covered the page. sometimes the page displayed after x ing out the ad, but not always. now a small section displays on the bottom of the page. next to the blank area is an x with the words "close ad".


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I have been having problems also.  An ad appears at the upper left hand corner & you cannot x out.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Love this web site.

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chrome and ad block,  It works great.  It was a real problem before ad block though but that was a long time ago

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No ad issues with Apple and Safari. Same experience as Ford.

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I am using Chrome. I have no idea how do I get ads so I just think that i have adware. Thus, I got to Chrome forum and get solution like this:

And learn more about ads and popups:-


I do not know which one of them work as i try all. But it really helps. I found that i do not get ads.

And no redirection so far.